Step 1: Open the mail ” Your seedbox is ready” mailed by us and click on the link highlighted in the below image :


Selecting link for vlc streaming

Step 2 : If required login to that page or if you are already logged in it will show the contents of your downloads/manual folder on your browser.

browse files in seedbox for streaming

Step 3: Browse to the file you want to play/stream on your VLC and right click on it and copy the link for it as shown in the image below.

copy link address of files from seedbox to stream on vlc

Step 4: Fire up your vlc , click on media and then select stream:

Selecting stream to play on vlc

Step 5. Select Network on the stream option paste your link and select dropdown from the stream button and select play.

choosing the right option to play on vlc from seedbox

Step 6 : Select View cert in the dialogue that opens up after you select play. This is only required to be done once

Step 6 : Accept it permanently so that you don’t have to keep selecting it again.

Step 7: Fill in your username and password.

That’s it now your file will be streaming on vlc directly from your seedbox.