It is a virtual place where you can get all your reading needs fulfilled. You can find millions of books or different subjects and different authors. You can also download it and view it later in your seedbox FTP or File manager.

  • Import an existing calibre library (optional)
  • Find authors and add them to the database
  • List all books of an author and mark ebooks or audiobooks as ‘wanted’.
  • LazyLibrarian will search for a nzb-file or a torrent or magnet link for that book
  • If a nzb/torrent/magnet is found it will be sent to a download client or saved in a black hole where your download client can pick it up.
  • Currently supported download clients for usenet are :
  • sabnzbd (versions later than 0.7.x preferred)
  • nzbget
  • synology_downloadstation
  • Currently supported download clients for torrent and magnets are:
  • deluge
  • transmission
  • utorrent
  • qbittorrent
  • rtorrent
  • synology_downloadstation
  • When processing the downloaded books it will save a cover picture (if available) and save all metadata into metadata.opf next to the bookfile (calibre compatible format)
  • The new theme for the site allows it to be accessed (and usable) from devices with a smaller screen (such as an iPad)
  • AutoAdd feature for book management tools like Calibre which must have books in flattened directory structure, or use calibredb to import your books into an existing calibre library
  • LazyLibrarian can also be used to search for and download magazines, and monitor for new issues
  • Offers opds interface for ebook clients to browse and download books.
  1. Open your lazylibranian app from client areaLazyLibrarian
  2. Search the book you need and you will find the results below it.LazyLibrarian

For downloading please check the below link-

This is a staging enviroment