How to evade the six stricke policy with seedbox

If you might know in recent times there has been a very strong crackdown on P2P sharing website, be it demonoid, piratebay etc. The moral of the story is online policing is getting stronger and with most of the online infrastructure owned by the corporations they will be further looking for their own interest. With DCMA and companies like Markscan which are constantly send out infringing letters to Google things are only going to get more complex and in times to come free p2p will be drastically regulated.

In recent times what has been in USA a major development is that fact that ISP’s are going to monitor your internet activity and if there is some infringing activity, automated bots with pre criteria’s set will take action immediately. Now the action though taken comes in the form  6 strike method where every time you do something that infringes policy a warning will be sent out to you, and subsequently after 6 of these strikes your ISP will take some action ranging from disconnecting your service to reducing your internet speed drastically.


Under these circumstances the best method to evade this situation is to get some form of layer between your ISP and your PC, if you look at it hackers have been using such techniques for long to prevent their identities , but recently with the advent of internet monitoring such techniques are being delivered by companies and over a period of time the price of such services has come down drastically.

The best way for you to get around it and still enjoy great internet speed is a seedbox, Now what a seedbox does is it adds a layer of a server between you and the download, so the seedbox runs the peer to peer software for eg torrent and then it stores it on a server, most of the seedbox provides do provide SFTP. So now once the files are transferred on your server you can use some FTP software like filezilla and then with SFTP download the content easily without your ISP getting access to what you are downloading, hence it can only see some kind of data transfer which the bots cant analyse and hence you wont receive any strikes also some seedbox providers like Ultraseedbox do provide VPN service along with their seedbox which might even hide your entire online activity altogether from your isp and with their services just starting from 9$ its one of the chepeast modes of maintaining your anonymity online. You can also find our top list of cheap seedbox here

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