Airservers Seedbox review

There is one more addition to the market of seedboxes, high on competition. The airservers seedbox. As you know that seedbox allows you to upload and download files digitally via torrent and airsever does the same work in at a cheaper price. It offers you some quite good solutions to select a dedicated server. The bandwidth range in this particular seedbox is 250 Mbps. This provider offers you VPS to have rapid speed downloads and an experienced viewing of videos.

The airservers seedbox is compared to many other seedboxes available in the market but the best part of this one is that it is cheaper than most of it, as it is available at only 9 Euros. One big pro of this server is that all your information is kept safe and you are shown working as an anonymous person. The speed is also super good. It allows you to download files faster than any site even while there is heavy traffic. Some features to look for in this seedbox are:

  • Great speed of 100 Mbits
  • Safety and security
  • Ratio
  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Highly convenient
  • A complete prohibition on peer to peer traffic
  • Good quality of streaming of video files

There are various alternatives to airservers seedbox.

  1.  Iseedfast seedbox– Avery competitive one compared to other seedboxes as it is also very cheap and easy going. Rather it costs you less than airserver seedbox as well. It works with a great speed of downloading files and is very much secure.
  2. Rapid seedbox– Very much critically acclaimed, this seedbox is the winner of all of it. But, one main disadvantage is that it is very costly and works that same way as the others.
  3.– It is said to be one of the best services in 2020. It is also very cheap and has the storage of 300 GB with 100Mb/s bandwidth.

The overall review of airservers seedbox is impressive. The consumers have loved working on this server in the minimal cost and great experience. The lightening speed of downloading the files is the cherry on the cake. Another good thing is that it has the facility of client support to get answers to their questions. Overall a must try server.

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