Benefits Of Seedbox

Whenever there is a new game release, a movie release or whenever such new content is released all of us turn to torrents, but rather than creating a private account most of us choose to just download the files when required, which poses security threat, i.e it compromises your privacy, and at today’s date its very essential to have privacy when downloading digital files from any website, service or tool. Many of the corporations are monitoring the peer-to-peer traffic and log, using which they might be able to get a hand on every internet activity of yours.
Benefits of seedbox

Seedbox is a solution that provides users a secure way of downloading as well as uploading content. A seedbox is defined as a remote server that is hosted on a high-bandwidth data center which is used for the secure uploads and downloads of digital files. The speed of this ranges from 100Mbit/s (12.5MB/s) to 10Gbit/s (1250MB/s). Individuals who have access to a seedbox will be able to download these files to their personal computers anonymously.

When you use a Seedbox in its interface you can either load torrent files or torrent URLs and once they are loaded downloading will start immediately, The torrent will be seed afterward. This is all done remotely which means it leaves no tracks to the local desktop IP of the Seedbox user, thereby providing the user secure access to online data transfer.

1) Fast Download Speed:

It’s quite obvious that we are going to consider the download speed as the first benefit of Seedbox, using which you can experience fast download speed, The 700MB DVDRiP was downloaded in about 1-3 minutes of time, whereas a full DVD-Rs in just about 5 to 15 minutes. How great is that? Using a Seedbox you not only have secure downloads but you get the best download speed along with that, you can download a large amount of data on a secure network, it could be a game or movie.

2) Uploads:

Users who make use of torrents regularly are more concerned about the seeding process than that of downloading. It is very important to have good ratios, without them, the account will slowly wither away and will be useless. A seedbox guarantees a 1:1 ratio on the torrent just in few minutes if there are enough leechers vs seeders. With popular torrents 10:1 ratio is not uncommon within the first hour. You don’t have to seed the torrent for weeks to stay in the good graces of your private tracker.

You’ll have the freedom to delete & pause torrents or replace them with new ones once you have a seedbox. In-home Internet accounts the upload rates is much slower than the download rates, seedbox doesn’t have any such limitations, the transfer rates are equal in both direction. The real reason users choose a seedbox is for seeding & uploading otherwise they can get a good download speed very easily.

3) Frees up the Home connection:

With a seedbox, you can save a lot of resources, electricity and your home connection are two of them as you don’t have to keep your computer working the whole night just for the seeding. A seedbox frees takes care of these things, and as you have freed up your home connection you can utilize it for other things such as online gaming, or watching videos online on any of the popular videos streaming sites such as YouTube, and the seedbox will continue uploading 24/7

4) Provides Security:

When you are using a seedbox, it’s not necessary to have a BitTorrent client on your home computer or connection, in order to have high privacy and security for them. Your client is remote the home IP cannot be seen by any of the antip2p groups and as it has been encrypted with HTTP and FTP connections even your ISP won’t be able to snoop on you. These security measures will lessen any of your worries related to uploading and downloading content through Seedbox.

5) Facilitates the Strong existence:

You should know that private tracker members are highly competitive, and a seedbox gives such members a powerful edge which they can utilize for reaching the top. It actually doesn’t matter how many torrents you have completed seeding, or how you’ve managed to manipulate the BitTorrent client’s settings, a seedbox is an ultimate king when it comes to uploading seeds. If you any of you are a tracker you must be aware of the fact that seedbox has become a must for everyone. Seedbox is the first choice of all the competitive trackers and they are being used by a lot of individuals, which is not so great for the members who have chosen to forego seedbox.

6) ISP Limit:

many a times it happens that the ISP throttle the user connections, what they do is put a limit on how much data the user can use for a particular month,and in case if you cross that limit then three things usually happen, one is that your internet connection is slowed down, second it might cost you after the limit is reached, and lastly you won’t have any internet connection. As the seedbox traffic is not at all counted based on the user’s ISP account, it is a good solution for anyone who is tired of ISP capping. The only time it is considered as the user’s traffic when you download the files from a finished torrent to your home PC, and the uploading torrent traffic will never be considered into your cap.

7) Quality File Selection:

Seedbox will help you establish a respectable ratio once you have that, you will be free to download any file that you want to download. Now you do not have to jump on the most recent torrents in order to get into a big swarm or download the popular torrents that you are not even interested in using. Seedboxes are given high-priority in the uploading queue, it doesn’t matter what you have chosen to seed.

We have seen the most central benefits that you can gain when you choose to get a seedbox, it doesn’t just provide secure transfer or good download speeds, it is useful in various other ways which have been covered above. There are many more benefits but it is best used for the transfer security or soaring high in the tracker community.

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