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One of the cheapest seedbox provider which is equally reliable is CUtorrents , CU Torrents have been in business for quite some time and right now they are expanding their business, if yo are really planning to increase your ratio in private trackers 500 GB hdd is a definite requirement with small HDD space your chances of making a decent ratio in these private trackers is pretty slim .

Please check the below Top cheap Seedbox plans

Seedbox HostingSpeedSpaceBandwidthLimitationsCostSpecial
CUTorrent Cheap Seedbox100 Mbps500GBUnmeteredOnly private trackers14$Promanager Extreme
Fusion VPS Cheap Seedbox250mbps333GBUnmeteredNo Limit17$VPS Seedbox
Ajseedbox  Cheap Seedbox1Gbps200GBUnmeteredNo Limit15$1gbps from 6 Euro
Dedi Seedbox  Cheap Seedbox1Gbps200GBUnmeteredNo Limit20$1gbs cheap
Pulsemedia Cheap Seedbox100mbps750 GBUnmeteredNo limit17$cost/GB very low
Santrex Cheap Seedbox1Gbps200 GBUnmetered40 Active torrents20$Netherlands
Seedboxsolutions Cheap Seedbox1Gbps/200Mbit300 GBUnmeteredBandwidth cap20$200mbit After capped
Ultraseedbox Cheap Seedbox1GBPS450GBUnmeteredNo limit32$Multiple Offshore
Seedstuff Cheap Seedbox100Mbps60GBUnmeteredNo limit10$Cheap starter
ROSE hosting VPS100Mbps30Unmetered4 TB20$Custom VPS

Here you can see that for 14 $ a month you are getting 500 GB hdd unmetered traffic 100 mbps line , I think this is the best deal around.also they have SSl access and file transfers through FTP, so transferring files and uploading files into the servers is equally easy.

Now compare it with the cheap seed-boxes which are like 3-4 $ bust the amount of space they provide is so negligible that it will take you eons to make a decent ratio also mostly they have capped bandwidth and unless you are planning to use a seedbox only to have fun its pretty pointless getting a seedbox with a 5-20 gb hdd.

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