Create An Archive On Seedbox

A lot of times it is much easier to download a lot of files in one go rather than transferring individually, that is where creating archive on seedbox option comes in handy. In rutorrent it is very convinient and easy to create an archive in your box.
Create an Archive on seedbox

In this tutorial we are going to explain you how easy it is create an archive in your rutorrent seedbox!

Step 1: Fire up your Rutorrent seedbox in your preferred browser.

Step 2: Click on the filemanager tab in the mid panel.


Step 3: Browse to the folder where your files are located that you want to archive, generally it would be downloads/manual


Step 4: Select (with left click) and then right click on the files / folders you want to archive.

Create an Archive on seedbox

Step 5 . Select Create and then New Archive (create–> new archive)

Step 6. This would bring up a new tab where you can select the location with options for where you want to store the archive etc. Once you have made the settings click on create. If you don’t select a location then it will create archive in the same folder.


Step 7. Once you have done that, your archive creation will start and it will appear in the desired location.


Thats pretty much it on how to create an archive on your seedbox. If you have any more questions please put it down on the comments below.

This is a staging enviroment