Do your Downloads on seedbox count as upload against monthly cap?

No , on most of the seedboxes listed your downloads do not count for your monthly caps , but some of the cheap dedi servers you might buy with  capped bandwidths might have limitations on them.

So how does the cap system work on your seedbox account:

1. When you  upload as a seeder your upload counts.

2. Its recommended you seed for private tracker for public trackers the seedbox which allow it set your ratio automation to 1.If you want to learn how to do that you can check here.

3. Choose from one of the recommended seedboxes on our top list on main page, if you are on budget we have already sorted out the cheaper options.

4.Use an FTP for transferring the files.

And you should be good. If you have any further question feel free to ask.

This is a staging enviroment