Dedicated Server Hosting Vs VPS Hosting


As you know there are many web hosting out there, but three most used and popular hosting are shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Shared is the most basic type of hosting which is used. It’s only suitable for small static sites or blogs



VPS hosting

Virtual private server hosting is the web hosting which is used by a group of websites which uses the same server, but has its own limitations like RAM and bandwidth allocations. It also uses special software to borrow from other servers if they are maxed out and those that aren’t using their full allocation.


Normally VPS hosting is suited to small business websites or to large websites that have decent resource limits. In VPS hosting there are chances that the loading speed of the site might be slow or worse the website may crash several times. That’s why they aren’t much expensive and flexible to use


Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is at the top of the iceberg in web hosting space. In dedicated servers there is an entire server to yourself. In it you can choose your own resource limits. Dedicated servers are mainly used by medium to big business sites, also you can save time and hassle by signing up for a dedicated plan.


As you would be having a series of questions to know which web hosting is best for your website. We have made a series of analogy, that will help you break down the difference between VPS and dedicated hosting.


Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting 


  • Higher performance levels for website       
  • Cost effective


  • Less resources or performance than dedicated hosting
  • Features are limited as the resources are shared.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated hosting


  • Greater performance and enormous resource limits  
  • Let your website grow by saving your upgrade to a higher plan.


  •  Relatively expensive
  • Technical knowledge is required.

Resource allocation in web hosting

Resource allocation is VPS hosting is like sharing a pie. With it, you’re all sharing the resource- everly slice of it, all the crust , all the cream etc. if you need an extra resource there’s always a chance that someone may leave you.

In a dedicated server the whole pie is yours it doesn’t depend on how much you can eat but the whole pie belongs to you. Though you have to pay more, you do get 100% of the resource.

VPS  is less limited because you have a larger portion of the server, which indicates you have more resources than you can handle. You will get  root access over the server environment, which basically means that you can instal whatever software you want and edit any file.

As for the verdict, it is clearly indicated that a dedicated server is the winner. You get as many resources as the user likes, not relying on anybody else.


Think about the security of your website like your own house but in flats. If someone leaves the door open of the main gate of the house you may be at risk of burglary. Sure they will have to get into a specific room to get to you but still you are at risk because of somebody else’s fault.

Dedicated hosting is like owning your property which means it still can be broken; you would be the only person responsible for it.

As for the verdict it is clearly indicated that though VPS hosting is secure but dedicated hosting offers a higher protection. Both of them allows you to install your own security software, but with dedicated hosting you have full control over your breaches.


In the world of website hosting it is very important for a provider to load your website very fast and also allow users to run it without having any crash.

In the context it can be compared as cab sharing. If only a few people come to take that sharing can, the driver only has to stop it on the main stop, which means that you will arrive much quicker. If a lot of people get on the cab it will be difficult for him to provide the service very well also he will lag in dropping people at times.

Vps hosting provides your own cab. And if the cab is full there is always a chance that you can get a second cab. Whereas a dedicated server gives you a limo capable of delivering tons of visitors to your site.

From The above statement it is clearly indicated that dedicated servers are better than VPS hosting in terms of performance.

Customization and configuration

Both VPS and dedicated hosting both managed and unmanaged plans. Where managed plans build it for you according to you, unmanaged plans give you tools and it’s on you how you build it. 

It’s not a surprise that most of the people opt for managed plans as they don’t have to do anything. Both VPS and Dedicated hosting let you adapt your resource limit on month to month.

As for the verdict vps hosting does have a slight as it can borrow some resources from other sites if you have exceeded your monthly limit.


The extent to which your hosting plans can grow with your website, also can be thought of like growth of a tree.

VPS hosting has some limitations as there is space available for you to grow but you will never hit the height like a dedicated server would.

Dedicated hosting is like an oak tree. You can ask for all the resources, performance and security needs, so there’s no  scale to measure it.

As for the conclusion VPS takes the winning here, as it acts a great middle ground for those sites who have their needs between shared or dedicated hosting plans and can grow with your site until there’s an upgrade.

Finally the price

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than VPS hosting.

Vps hosting provides a wide range of plans which can be chosen by a small medium website at an affordable price.

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