Seedboxbay Review


Seedbox is a great tool to use for those whose privacy is a major concern when downloading torrent files.

Seedbox is a remote server used to securely upload or download files at high-speed. The data center ‘s speed spectrum ranges from 100 Mbps up to 10Gbps. Users who use these cheap seedboxes can transfer the files to their machines.

Individuals with seedbox facilities can privately access the files from torrents. It usually equips the torrent protocol, i.e. uploading and downloading data, to work. Some companies have a set speed while others are implementing technologies that enable the seedbox speed range to adapt according to consumer needs. This function strengthens the service’s confidentiality and removes the inconvenience of proper ratio. Uses Email, FTP, SFTP protocols for operations to access files from torrent via seedbox use. Some seedboxes also provide a VNC connection, known as remote desktop control, that is available on a device powered by some windows. Some seedboxes can handle more torrent-specific software which includes the web interfaces of popular torrent clients such as rTorrent, μTorrent, Deluge, etc. The web app can be managed by certain clients, too.

Generally speaking, you have the ability to use a high-speed server for torrent transmission, particularly for high-speed uploading. You can access your torrents from anywhere via a browser, using the latest seedbox tools. This remote computer-primarily has the task of downloading and uploading torrent files. There are also advantages of being able to browse torrent files using a seedbox.

Features of Seedboxbay

Faster download
Seedboxbay has high-speed download capabilities. You will get an unrestricted connection with 1GBPS speed. You can download and get as much speed as you can. It is so fast that an HD movie will take a minute or two to download. This will save substantial time compared to the usual download process. If you’re done with waiting for your download, Seedboxbay is just what you need.

Data storage
Seedboxbay gives you the facility to store data. It is extremely useful because it does not require the use of storage allocation on your computer. With a hosting seedbox, you can upload and update big files daily, without having to worry about volume. The seedbox comes with a completely encrypted connection of up to 450 GB data, HTTP, and FTP connectivity. To read data, you just need to set up a storage seedbox, which will instantly access all online files.

Stream media Files
It is also responsible for hosting media files because its features Plex and KODI pre-installed. Seedboxbay also acts as a media center enabling fast browsing and can be viewed by watching directly from a web browser. Users can access online files directly through it rather than having a private account.

Privacy and security
Seedboxbay is stable and highly secure. The only thing that frustrates a torrent customer is the vulnerability to get hacked. All such issues are automatically eliminated with Seedboxbay. Seedboxbay avoids intrusion or breaking of data by shielding IP addresses from hackers. No matter how powerful the intruder is, he wouldn’t know the remote server’s IP address.

Allows to use P2P Traffic
The download of peer-to-peer traffic is forbidden in most places. When ISP is limited it can be your school, office, or home. Seedboxbay allows users to download and watch files at any time, easily. Seedboxbay is equipped with an easy-to-use web browser that allows convenient file upload and download.

How to use a Seedboxbay
Seedboxbay has a web user interface with more than one torrent client. You need to sign in using the browser to access your remote seedboxbay account. You can load torrent files or URLs in the browser of a seedboxbay. As soon as the URL is entered on the browser, it will start downloading automatically and then seed the torrent. So, this whole process has no connection to the Seedbox user’s local desktop address.

As soon as the file is downloaded to the seedboxbay, it will be hosted on the remote server immediately and the server will wait for you to access it if you want to. Normally, downloading is done using an FTP client via a secure link between FTP or SFTP to the seedbox. Seedboxbay provides an HTTP file explorer that allows a user to access files through a web browser from the Seedboxbay.


  • Fast connection and high-speed downloads. It provides 1Gbs speed at unlimited bandwidth.
  • Convenient data storage facility
  • Great customer service. The customer support team is friendly and helpful, they provide clear answers to any queries.
  • Money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the products and services. You will get the refund in 72 hours.
  • Seedboxbay can be used easily. It has a Simplified user interface.


  • Sometimes the server reboots during peak hours
  • While using FTB, download speeds may slow down.
  • You are downloading without permission, so it violates the copyright.

Seedbox review

Available Plans from Seedboxbay

There are three plans available from Seedboxbay:

Baby Plan – It has a 100GB storage space. It gives your 1Gbps of speed and costs only $5.
Seeder Plan– It allows you to uses 220GB space capacity at the speed of 1GBps, and it costs $8.00.
Torrent Master Plan– This plan gives you has 450 GB space capacity, at 1Gbps speed, and costs $15.00


Privacy is a matter of concern for people all over the world, so making use of this helpful application becomes necessary. Seedboxbay is going to help you track everything and give you safe protection. So, it’s a one-stop solution for those looking to enjoy a safe way to upload and download files online. The download speed will also improve, and the best aspect is that a seedboxbay will run on all operating systems, including Windows, MAC, Linux, and others. You can get the complete list of Top 10 Seedbox cheap here

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