How To Use BTSync


Btsync is used for saving your files in the cloud so that you can view your files from anywhere. You can sync all your photos, videos, musics, PDF, and docs files. Bothe at home and business cam use your Btsync account to see and share your important folders. It is basically storing your important folders and files so that whenever you need them you can just log in and get it from the cloud. Send one or more files to multiple recipients without sharing the whole folder or creating a permanent sync connection. Add your personal and professional folder and files to all your devices automatically. It also gives you the feature to sync files that you needed. You can also control your bandwidth usage with it. Suppose there are large no of files that you want to sync but it is going to use all your bandwidth. So you can coordinate with it and set your limit and as soon as the limit appears it stops syncing and will get started when you allow it. Can easily share large folders and file to different users at the utmost speed and with just sharing the link of it. It is cross-platform so that you can use it on any platform that you wish.

Steps to save your file on Btsyn:-

  1. First, register your self and agree with all terms and conditions.
  2. It will open a platform where you can sync all your files and folders
  3. Click on the add sign to choose the folders and files that you want to sync
  4. Now once selected the type of folder set the patch from where you want to upload
  5. Now click on open after you have selected the path
  6.  Now change new peers to all peers so that you can share it with as many as users you want.
  7.  As you can see the folder has been added to my account and now the user can sync it so that he/she can view the folder at anywhere and in at any time they want

This is a staging enviroment