Deludge Under HTTPS On Your Seedbox

Setup Deluge to use HTTPS
Courtesy of: Zero

1. Use the terminal and to kill the deluge process:


 kill all deluged

2. Go into the config folder of Deluge:


 cd /home/deluge/.config/deluge


3. Create a folder for the SSL certificate (if not existing):


 mkdir ssl


4. Enter into the SSL folder:


 cd ssl


5. Generate the Deluge Certificate and the Deluge Key:


 openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out deluge.cert.pem -keyout deluge.key.pem

Important: Be sure to use your server address or ip for the “Common Name” input.

6. Launch Deluge webui using your normal http link and activate the SSL using the below option:

Deludge Seedbox with https

7. Restart Deluge or reboot your server:


 killall deluge-web


8. Launch Deluge web using

This is a staging enviroment