Seedbox Fast Transfers To PC

If you are a customer from the USA, Australia or parts of Europe not sharing the same network, you might experience slow speeds when downloading files from your seedbox using FileZilla. The solution to this problem is through using multisegmented downloads in CuteFTP. If you need help in finding the software or settings you can contact us in the chatbox below.

Here is a short tutorial on CuteFTP  for fast downloads from seedbox to your computer.

Step1. Install CuteFTP

Step2. Create a new FTPS connection with TLS/SSL AUTH connection based on details provided to you in mail and save it. You can read more about FTPS encryption here: (check explicit in the description for more clarity).

Seedbox Fast Transfers to PCSeedbox Fast Transfers to PC

Step 3. Fill in your Seedbox Login details login details as provided to you in mail. Host address is the address sent in your mail eg:

Seedbox Fast Transfers to PC

Step 4. Go to the options tab on the window and select site specific settings:

cuteftp fast speed seedbox file transfer 3

Step 5. Set Max concurrent transfers to 30.

cuteftp fast speed seedbox file transfer 4

Step 6. Once you click connect, it will ask you to accept the certificate for which select accept: accept-certificate-for-ftps-connection-to-seedbox

Step 7. Go to “Tools” and select “Global options” and then transfer and change the value for max multipart segment value to 8. Click “Apply” and then “OK”.

cuteftp fast speed seedbox file transfer 5

Step 8. Connect to your Seedbox and in the folder view while downloading select multi-part downloading as shown in the screenshot below (select 8 parts):

cuteftp fast speed seedbox file transfer 6

Well, that’s pretty much it, also try downloading a few files together at a time to have more connections to get even better speeds.

In case you need any help we do set up the system for our customers through team-viewer just ping us on chat 🙂

This is a staging enviroment