Deluge Autodl-Irssi

To achieve this goal we need to use the plugin for autodlirssi plugin built for rutorrent.

You don’t need to even install rtorrent. You can achieve the setup with just rutorrent and autodlirssi plugin built in.

Click on autodlirssi and then click on Preferences

In the action tab change the Choose .torrent action from the drop down menu

And then select Run Program:

Path to downloads = the location where you want your  deluge to download the files


“connect ;   add  $(TorrentPathName) ; quit”

You can always test it from the command line, see if it adds

deluge-console  “connect ;   add  local.torrent ; quit”

  • Command:    /usr/bin/deluge-console  
  • Arguments:  connect localhost:port ; add -p /path/to/downloads  $(TorrentPathName) ;  quit  

That’s it , now set up your autodlirssi settings in rutorrent for your tacker and deluge will start processing your torrents in deluge and download it to the location you have specified.

This is a staging enviroment