Bypass Donation In Subsonic Streaming App

I f you have been using streaming services from your seedbox, one of the most popular applications is  Subsonic you can find it in source forge (Screenshot below) now few people have been  asking if there was a way to try the full version before actually buying it, well there is a way and in this tutorial written by Surprised you can find a simple way to do it, also you don’t need a dedicated seedbox to do it but you would need to login into your box through SSH, if you are not sure how to do that you can find a tutorial in this website here, Below is the screenshot of how the download link to subsonic on Sourceforge, the information is for
To install subsonic :

Login as root:


apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

Get the latest version of subsonic from this link :

wget the file location


dpkg -i subsonic-x.x.deb

You can run subsonic with : http://Yourserveripaddress:4040.

Subsonic full access without donation

After a month’s usage to keep using video streaming and app features to you have to donate, to bypass it you can do the following steps, But please keep in mind this for you to try out and if it’s really helpful to you than by all means pay the developers their due or you can find tutorials for other free streaming software on this website, so with further ado here is the article , all credits go to surprised who is the original author.

It is fairly easy to do:

1. Open the “etc/hosts” file on your seedbox (root access required!)

nano /etc/hosts

2. Now look for a line that looks something like this:

Code:       localhost.localdomain localhost

At the end of the line you add “”, so that it looks like this:

Code:       localhost.localdomain localhost

3. Now go back to Subsonic and visit the donation page. At the bottom, there is a form.
For e-mail, you insert

and the license code will be


Why does this work? Subsonic just uses an MD5 hash of the e-mail address as a key. Authentication happens both remotely and locally, but via the entry in the hosts file, the authentication is only locally.

There is also a maintained fork on github with a version of Subsonic that is missing the licensing code from the beginning:

This is a staging enviroment