Difference Between Seeds, Peers And Ratio In Torrents


Reading the title of this article may have left you a bit confused and overwhelmed about torrents. Terms like seeds, peers and ratios are just terms used for very simple things regarding torrents. This article will help you to understand these terms and use them to help you get the best experience of your seedbox.

First let me tell you something regarding torrents.

Torrent is basically a file that consists of metadata of different information, it does not have the data or the wanted information. It has information regarding the places from where we can get the data from. Although downloading files using torrents is easy but people do not prefer it because of the speed or hassle of finding a good torrent and and adding it to your client. But using Cheap Seedbox  can change that.

First of all Cheap Seedbox is very secure and is integrated with rutorrent as a torrent client. Apart from that it
has various applications that you can install which can help you download torrents with just one click!

Couch Potato, Sonarr, Radarr etc. can help you add torrents directly. Also by using Plex on your seedbox you can stream and video or audio file straight from your seedbox.

Now that you have a basic idea regarding what torrent is, let us get to understand the terminology used in torrents.

What is a peer in torrent

Peer are people who are uploading and downloading the file at the same time. They have added the torrent in their client and are downloading the file. As the file starts downloading the client will start uploading the file as well, making it a seeder as well as a leecher. They are different from seeders because seeders seed the file even after the download is complete.

What is ratio in a torrent?

Ratio is the fraction of amount of data you download vs amount of data you upload. When you use torrent file to download data from a decentralized network and the files are distributed among the peers. These peers have a reputation in the network, so there should be a healthy amount of upload and download. When you download a torrent you behave as a leecher, means you are taking resources. But you should also upload the file too and act like a seeder to maintain the ratio.

Does Ratio matter?

Yes it does! Maintaining a healthy ratio can help you build a reputation amongst your peers, thus giving you many benefits like improved download speed and probably more invites.

How to improve torrent tracker ratio?

There are many ways which can help you improve your torrent tracker ratio:

Go to new torrents

New torrents are fresh and have a lot of leechers in the network, so if you are seeding the file while there are many peers who are downloading the torrent can help the file to be healthy, thus improving your reputation.

Select Torrents with less seeders

When there are less seeders for a particular torrent file then you can step up and become a seeder and upload the file so that your peers can download the file more smoothly

Maintain an upload and download ratio

Maintaining a can also help you increase your download speed and upload speed. So if you are downloading a file you can adjust your upload speed so you can start seeding the file while you are downloading it.

Get Cheap Seedbox

Getting a seedbox can not only make your torrenting safe but also help you improve your tracker ratio. It provides you with a server space so you don’t have to keep the file in your hard disk, also the these are high speed servers. That means you can get a good upload speed too, helping you to become a better seeder. This means you can maintain a very .good ratio without using your resources. Also you can add torrents remotely with web extensions.

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