DMCA safe seedbox?

One of the concerns I have seen people having is about getting DCMA notices. Though DCMA is very real I am going to try to clarify as much as possible.

  1. DCMA notices are served by bots.
  2. Your seedbox is generally protected with passords, so unless you are torrenting public trackers it’s highly unlikely.
  3. I have always recommended to get a VPN along with seedbox, it can make it really hard to track. I recommend using Private Internet Access because it accepts bitcoin.
  4. Keep your downloads encrypted with https or ftps.

If you follow all these steps it’s highly unlikely you will ever be caught by a bot. Also please don’t host website on your seedbox servers.

  1. It makes no sense
  2. Get your own cheap domain and some cheap hosting(free hosting).

Keep it clean and keep it safe and you will most probably never have to worry about it

This is a staging enviroment