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setup seedbox on your VPS or dedicated server

This tutorial assumes you have a VPS or other server running CentOS 6. I have not tried this on any other distro. Use at your own risk. I have simplified these steps to be used by someone who has little to no server/unix command experience.

Login to your server via SSH and paste each line (in green) and press enter, wait for the process to finish and continue on to the next line. These commands are to be entered in order.


–          A server running CentOS 6 (or possibly another distro?)

–          Root access

–          An SSH terminal software such as Putty to connect to the server

Install Transmission, Webmin, CFS Firewall and VSFTPD

Login using root

1)      yum -y install nanowget

2)      wget -O

3)      chmodu+x

4)      ./

5)      Follow the prompts


This will do the following:

–          Update Centos

–          Install nano editor and wget

–          Install Transmission Torrent Clinet

–          Install Webmin – A server management web GUI

–          Install and configure CFS Firewall

–          Install and Configure VSFTP and configure for SFTP secure transfers


Webmin is a web GUI for managing a server.
I leave it up to you to learn Webmin but you may need to edit the firewall which is easily done through Webmin.

Login to Webmin at: http://your-domian-or-ip:10000 – use your root U/P to login. Once logged in install the webmin module for CFS Firewall under: Webmin->Webmin Configuration ->Webmin Modules -> From Local File-> type: /etc/csf/csfwebmin.tgz and press Install Module

You can now manage the firewall by going under: System ->ConfigServer Security & Firewall in Webmin


You can access your torrent web GUI by going to http://your-domain-or-IP:9091 login is the username and password you were prompted for during setup. Or, install the remote application:


The FTP server has been set to force SFTP. You must make sure your FTP client is set to use SFTP protocol. Login again with the same username and password you set up during setup.

This is Written By Dr Mischief : All credits goes to him.

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