Fast way to get content from seedbox to PC?

Lot of people struggle with downloading files from their seedbox to their PC.

1. The most common method FTP transfer to your computer.

Get filezilla Put in your seedbox address , username and password. To Increase the speed for multiple files go to setting and then go to transfers and in filezilla increase the umber of simultaneous downloads to 10.

This is as much you can do in filezilla to increase speed.

2. Getting downloadthem all for filezilla

These is apparently a cool plugin called downloadthemall you can find the plugin here

Then go to your rutorrent seedbox, select the torrent name you want to download, in the tabs below that show up select file and then double click on it it will give an option to download with download them all choose that option choose the directory where you want to upload it and you should be good to go.

One of the things you might want to do after you have set up the plugins is go to downloadthemall settings and increase the number of threads downloading it, its extremely helpful when you are downloading one file.

3.Download managers

One of the best methods is to get a download manager most of the seedboxes listed on our list do provide a https access to the files , once you are on that page .fire up any good download manager the best one I would recommend is flashget it free and it works very well and then choose the link and then once the download manager screen fires up put in your server username and password , set the number of threads you want to process simultaneously and you should be good to go.


This is a staging enviroment