Get More Seeds For You Torrent

 A lot of people upload good content on torrent sites but a lot of times due to some basic steps it doesn’t get a lot of traffic and it ends up disappearing in the swarm of countless number of torrents and sometimes you might now get a single downloader and eventually if you stop seeding it just become another dead torrent. Anyways without further wait I will help you with the guidelines that can help you with your endeavour, though a lot of these guidelines are mentioned for public trackers, a majority of these guidelines are applicable for private tracker as well. 1.  When you are uploading to any tracker make sure you are  connected to utorrent , or whatever torrent client might be using a lot of the torrent companies have their own seedbox so it will immediately start to download the files , nothing is worse than the people finding out that it’s a stuck or a dead seed, and initially if there are a lot of comments mentioning how the seeding is mostly incomplete and people complaining  it deters a lot of new people from downloading your content. 2. Make sure you have proper description a lot of times even though the content of torrent is great , people just for the lack of description don’t download a torrent, also if you are uploading video files make sure that you upload some screenshots for people to get an idea 3. If you are putting the torrent in a public tracker be sure to upload it in multiple sites , because sometimes what happens is sometimes the upload rate is so high in some torrent sites that your torrents might get back several pages back before it can even show up in the first page, also just like anything else having probability on your side is a good thing. 4. If you seeding a big size, ensure that you check your torrent clients upload settings and see if you have put any limitations on your upload settings and see if you have not limited it. 5. If you are interested in giving more priority to uploading most of the torrent clients generally have a setting to give priority to uploading below is the screenshot of how you could do that in one of the most used torrent client a.k.a utorrent. Getting seeders for torrents in seedbox 6. Last but not the least follow rules, each website might have different rules ensure you go through them. See you on Top seeder side

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