Meggafast Seedbox Review

The newest member of the seedbox family is now available in the market. Meggafast seedbox is on the block with competitive prices, unique features and lightening fast speed. It has got some decent reviews from the consumers and the support team. One good point that comes to my mind about this server is that the help group is available 24×7 which means you can ask them any question any time of the year.

Few points you need to take into consideration before you think of buying it are here:

  • It is one of the cheapest seedboxes with a very few users on the server.
  • It has stable speed on every 1 Gbps server on both uploads and downloads.
  • You can transfer unlimited data upwards or downwards.
  • It can free proxy connections.
  • It supports the torrent files and also installs any plugin you need on your seed box.
  • Public trackers allowed.

There are always alternatives to seedboxes with advantages and disadvantages of their own. Even this one has a few of them.

  1. Evoxseedbox
  2. Rapid seedbox
  3. Ultra seedbox
  4. Dedi seedbox
  5. Seedbox bay

And many more.

Meggafast is very much new in the business that could be one reason why it the cheapest seedbox as compared to others.
It has more pros than cons, so lets discuss some:

  • Speed– It gives you super-fast downloading speed with up to 10-12 Mbps. The smaller files take less than 2 minutes to finish up whereas the large ones take about 5 mins.
  • Customer services– You will be happy to hear that they have their client support to answer your doubts. And in fact, they are pretty fast to that. One thing is very clear, that all your user ids, passwords and IP addresses are very safe. And if any problem occurs, then the panel is there to help.
  • Price– The cost of the server is very minimal and have really good features as compared to others.
  • Storage– It has good storage space and can hold unlimited files that are downloaded from the torrent.

However, this seedbox server does not need a backup because it tends to use a lot of storage already and it will require a lot of background resources to move the data to other storage places which might not be possible. If we see though, it is a good point that not a lot of data problems will be occurred and will not cause problems like the server being hanged or etc. Besides, if there is any malfunction that occurred related to data backup, then you will always have it in your torrent files somewhere. Meggafast is value-driven and is worth every penny. It is very much safe to use and also because it is supported by private torrenting, you need not worry about anything.

Also, you will not need a VPN because meggafast itself seeds and downloads torrent invisibly for you. But, if you want to connect to your seedbox from a different location, then probably you will need a VPN. Overall a system which has all the features any other seedboxes have and more at a very easy price with unlimited torrent file storage is not worth let going.

This seedbox is very new to get a lot of appreciation, but till now whoever have used it, have given good feedback which that this server will be in the bright light in the coming years. If offers so many good things as compared to other seedboxes, that it will surely be recommended by many. If you want to find a cheaper upgradable seedbox you might want to take a look at my seedbox analysis list.



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