Meggafast Seedbox Review
February 6, 2015 7:01 pm
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This is one of the newest seedbox company on the block , with competitive prices and attractive features this is one of the seedboxes I would keep an eye on till we have a decent user base to get the reviews. The plans look robust and the support team was super fast to resolve any query I had with their seedboxes, You can easily add more space at very low rates if you want a customisable seedbox I think this seedbox comes with the most options.

Meggafast review

If you are planning to get this seedbox you should consider the following points:

1. One of the most cheapest seedbox , with only 6 users per server.

2. The speed seems to be stable on a 1 Gbps server both on upload and downloads.

3. One of the cheapest seedboxes with unlimited data transfers with no cap whatsoever.

4.Free proxy connection.

5. Rutorrent based web GUI and the support team is very helpful to install any specific plugin you might need on your seedbox.

6.Public Trackers allowed.

Name: Meggafast Website
Speed: 8/10
Support: 9/10
GUI: 7/10
Speed of GUI: 7/10
Package: Starter Box
Price: $5.3/mo
Overall rating: 7/10
Space:100 Gb
Speed: 20 Mbps Download and 13 Upload

If you are looking for a cheap rtorrent based seedbox , this looks like one of the cheapest option out there , but their upgrade plans seems to cost thrice so your option is to increase your disc space which is good if you want   to seed larger files, as this seedbox is quite new so I would have to get more reviews from users but my feeling is that the experience would be quite decent. If you want to find a cheaper upgradable seedbox you might want to take a look on my Seedbox analysis list.

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