How To Automatically Add, Download, Seed, And Delete Your TV Torrents

What will you Require To Automatically Add, Download, Seed, and Delete Your TV Torrents – Warning don’t proceed without these if you want to automate everything.

1. You would require a seedbox running on rutorrent one of the most common seedbox torrent client, access to ratio groups within the seedbox client, Its RSS and auto-unpacking in case of rar or zip files, if you would not be using rared or packed palies You might not need the last option.In any case if you find anything missing you can always ask your seedbox provider to help you out.

2. GoogleSync you can find it here

Getting Started : Auto add TV Torrents to your seedbox

1.Get an RSS feed from your favourite tracker or uploader and set it up, if you download from multiple sites , and you plan to get multiple shows setup accordingly.

2. Set up your filters , this would help you to set the files which you want to get and the files that you wouldn’t want like blue ray etc.

You can see it hereAutomate TV Downloads from seedbox

Making syncing with your PC easier

1. In your filters options you would find a directory option choose the video folder that you might want to sync with your pc . Something like root/videos is recommended

making the folder to sync files

–Automatically delete Tv files after 24 hours
To this you will have to setup ratio groups and set them to remove after duration , In the below screenshot you will find out how that might look like.

Delete files from seedbox after 24 hours

Automatically download files from your seedbox to your PC
– Download and Install GoodSync [google it].
– Setup GoodSync:
– Go to Job > New Job. Give your Job a name and Select “Backup”.
– On the left Browse, navigate to your desired download folder.
– On the right Browse, enter your seedbox’s FTP settings.
– Navigate to the directory you specified in Step Two on the right side. ftp://seedboxroot/videos for example.
– Go to Job > Options. Make sure Job Type is Backup, Right to Left.
– Click in the Auto submenu. Under Periodically, check ‘Sync’ (should auto check Analyze) and set your interval. Mine is 5 minutes.
– Click in the Advanced submenu. If you don’t have write permissions, then check the ‘No _gsdata_’ folder on the Right side.
– Now, if you selected Option A and are unpacking, go back to General. And check the “Move Mode: Delete Source After Copy”
This will delete the file from the seedbox after it has been successfully copied to your pc.

Special Thanks to Yakisoba Time for the original content.

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