Medusa provides management of TV shows it detects new episodes, links downloader apps, and more. Medusa provides a wide range of options for you to download the latest TV shows and gives exciting features to manage them. You just have to search a TV show that you want to download and Medusa will search the torrent for you and will download for you. It’s like a PVR for your TV shows.


  • Supports TVMaze and TMDB indexers
  • Manual search episodes (you choose what to snatch based on all kind of info: provider, seeds, release group)
  • Manual search for subtitles
  • Uses ‘guess it’ library to parse and enrich existing info (more precise than regexes)
  • Improved Anime shows support
  • Faster DailySearcher|Backlog|Find propers as we only process new items. Already processed items are discarded.
  • Option to clean Kodi library when replacing existing files
  • Better quality explanations and consistent quality code in all threads
  • See on the fly if your backlogged episodes will be increased/reduced while changing qualities
  • Postpone Post Processing until Medusa downloads wanted subtitle 
  • Clean up any leftover files/folders if the media file is deleted
  1. Open Medusa app from your client area and enter your seedbox credentials in it to log in.Medusa
  2. Medusa Web Ui will open in from of you, its like the home page where you can find all the shows that you will add in it. Medusa
  3. Click on shows and then click on add shows option to add new shows in your library.Medusa
  4. Click on add shows or if you want to add shows from your folders click on add existing shows.Medusa
  5. Let’s say we want to add an existing show click on it a page will open with a form add your path from where you want to add and click on submit button.MedusaMedusa
  6. Step 1 searches the show you want to add and hit enter.Medusa
  7. Select the show and click on add show which will add your show to your show list.
  8. Click on the show and you will see its description and episodes that you can download.Medusa Medusa

This is a staging enviroment