How To Restart Your Seedbox?


Quite often due to false metadata some setting error, you might have a situation that ruTorrent seedbox gives some errors. The error is generally caused because rtorrent which runs in the back end of ruTorrent panel that you see in the web browser shuts down because rtorrent is down. RuTorrent might show further random errors.

You can easily fix it with the following process.

Step 1. Press the restarter button on ruTorrent.

restarter button Seedbox

Step 2. Once you click on it, there will be a dialogue that opens up, on it click on the “Start” button.

Click the start button step 2

Well, that’s it. It will restart the rTorrent in your system. In case you need to restart the box for any other purpose, click the “Stop” button once. It is executed press the “Start” button again, it will get restarted.

In case you have SSH access in your box, you can use the below script to restart your ruTorrent Seedbox.

cd /home/yourusername/downloads/.session
rm rtorrent.lock
cd /home/yourusername
bash restartSeedbox

Replace yourusername with your actual username.

That’s it! Enjoy your seedboxing  😎 

This is a staging enviroment