Seedbox Change RSS update rate for rutorrent for rss Automatic download

for the updating interval:
1. Find where your rutorrent folder is
2. Open rutorrent/plugins/rss/conf.php
3. Change “$updateInterval = 30;” line to whatever value you want (I don't recommend setting it lower than 10 minutes, since some trackers might ban you for that)

putty SSh Seedbox

once your in you can modify files as if they are on your computer (albeit through the command line).

first move to the directory kenpachi says using the “cd” command
so type something along the lines of:

cd ” your directory where rutorrent is installed”……./rutorrent/plugins/rss/

then you want to open that file in a text editor called nano (whilst being in that directory obviously)

sudo nano conf.php

scroll down and find the right bit
hit ctrl x to quit and type yes to save your changes…

I hope that explains things, I dont know if that would work but its how I would follow kenpachi's instructions!

ps. if that has been completely patronising my bad! I figured it was better to assume you knew nothing than for it to not make sense

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