Seedstorm Seedboxes Review

One of the leading and cheapest seedboxes available in the present times. The data centers are located in Netherlands and United States of America. The company was started in 2008 and since then it has never looked back. What makes Seedstorm seedboxes so special? Read on to find out about the specialities of Seedstorm Seedboxes. In this review article, I have focussed on some key parameters to know if Seedstorm fits well into it. Visit site : SeedstormSeeddstorm Review 1. The super-active support team Seedstorm customer assistance team is very cordial and active. It is available 24*7 to assist you. It provides the proper knowledge and necessary guidance in order to use the Seedstorm seedbox. It has experts in the team well-known about the torrents. They are helpful in working in accordance to private trackers rules. 2. Fastest network services The high-grade server is situated in United States. The quality is par excellence. The speed ranges to about 300Gbps which is quite spectacular. Network availability is 24 hrs. The Cisco 6k routers with 1000baseT cards allows easy switching and routing. In simple words, the network is thoroughly updated that provides huge bandwidth. 3. Versatile software For any technology solutions company, its software is the key player to know how good the services can be. The software of Seedstorm are upto date due to the support of open source developers. They collaborate with Seedstorm to serve the best to the users. Anyone with suggestions that could improve the overall functionality of the services is welcomed. Swift action is taken for improvements and betterment in user-experiences. 4. The effective delivery Seedstorm has made the promise of providing the best service in the seedbox industry. In fact over the years it has satisfied the customers with appropriate services. The customer base is increasing with each passing day due to the commitment of the company. The dedicated team provides you with whatever best they have for you after you sign up. 5. Wide plan choices Seedstorm provides a variety of choices in plans for the customers. Here in the picture below, all details of the available plans are mentioned. There are total 4 plans namely. Storm 1, Storm 2, Storm 3 and Storm 4. As we move from lowest category to highest category, the cost of services increases by $10. However, the servers are available in but Netherlands and United States. The bandwidth size also increases from lower to higher category. This range in choices definitely makes it the most sought seedbox company. For details, refer to the image below. Seedstorm Seedboxes Review The key highlights that make seedboxes of Seedstorm different from other companies are mentioned here:
  1. IRC live support is available. It is a perfect choice for beginners.
  2. A choice between rTorrent and Deluge is available. Users can choose whatever they like to.
  3. The payment is absolutely secure and they accept all major payment gateways and bitcoin as well.
  4. The expected download speed can range to around 60Mbps even on shared boxes.
  5. If your current location is based in US states, the download speed might be fast but beside that the servers in USA are usually slow.
  6. On hitting the basic cap of 2TB, you can buy some extra bandwidth. You may continue downloading with usual speed but the upload speed may reach to 1.2Mbps.
  7. The Graphical User Interface is very nice and compatible. So far, not much significant complaints regarding GUI have been registered. It is a non OVH based seedbox. If ever your seedbox faces issues related to OVH, the speed might just get better due to this non OVH feature.


A seedbox is an ideal one when it is cost-effective and does not compromises on the quality of services as well. Seedstorm seedboxes are one such type. They are an all-rounder seedboxes company. The immense team support, super functionality of art-of-the-state software, high speed download and upload speed even on multiple sharing are some of the noteworthy characteristics of Seedstorm seedboxes. I would recommend this seedbox to every new user looking for something cheap and user-friendly both at the same time. It has countless choices on plans. Pay as per your priority. Get the offers that suit your pocket. And yeah! The payment modes are supremely secure. The payment is simple and quick. All that you have to do is choose wisely. Although a lot of seedboxes companies are available, but Seedstorm seedboxes have made an impact on the world by its credibility and reliability. A user is always on the end of satisfaction with unperturbed services. Definitely I would recommend it to you! If you are looking for more options to make a decision you can find it on my seedbox analysis page.

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