Seedstorm Seedboxes Review
February 6, 2015 5:39 pm
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They are one of the oldest companies which has been providing 1 Gbps seedboxes, They have data centers in United states and Netherlands and United states, They have a very dedicated team of support and they would help you with most of your requirement in seedboxes or dedicated servers.The reason to put this seedbox company at number 9 is the fact that uploads are capped at 2 TB for the basic plan and the space is 350 Gb for 15$ so you could definitely get a better deal at dediseedbox for a similar price.

Seedstorm Seedbox review

If you are considering seedboxes from seedstorm you might consider the following points.

1.IRC live support available, if you are a beginner it can be of great help.

2. You can choose between Rtorrent and deluge.

3. They accept all major payment gateways and bitcoin as well.

4.You can expect download ranging at 60MBps even on shared boxes.

5. If you are in the states choosing data location in States might speed up your downloads from the seedbox but the speeds in USA servers are generally a bit slower

6.You can buy additional bandwidth if you hit the cap of 2TB on the basic plan , but you could just continue with your downloads and the upload speeds gets to be 1.2 Mbps after that.

7.The GUI is super responsive so far I have received no complaints and its a non OVH based seedbox hence you might expect better speeds if your seedbox has got caught up with the OVH issue, Most of the people using this seedbox have had a positive experience.

Name: Seedstorm Website
Speed: 8/10
Support: 9/10
GUI: 9/10
Speed of GUI: 7/10
Package: Storm 1
Price: $15/mo
Overall rating: 7/10
Space:350 GB
Speed: 300 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up

If you have to build some ratio on a budget it is a definitely a good plan , well it doesn’t really fall in the bracket of being the cheapest but if support and GUI speed are of importance to you this is definitely the seedbox you should be going after.If you are looking for more options to make a decision you can find it on my seedbox analysis page.