Setting Ratio Groups In Rutorrent

Setting Ratio Groups in Rutorrent

1. Preface

Unfortunately the rutorrent ratio groups are not very intuitive to use and also the corresponding documentation is incomplete. Therefore I made this small tutorial. The first part contains a detailed description about the underlying logic of ratio groups. However, if you are only interested in a particular (common) use case of a ratio group, such as seeding torrents to a specified ratio, you can skip to the example ratio groups that I listed in the second part. You can easily amend them to your own needs.

2. How do ratio groups work?

Each ratio group consists of 4 different conditions ( Min,% / Max,% / UL,MB / Time,h ) and an action. Whether the action of a ratio group will be triggered depends on which conditions have been satisfied. Whether an individual condition has been satisfied (for a particular torrent) depends on either

  • how much has been uploaded in percentage (Min,% and Max,%) or
  • how much has been uploaded in MB (UL,MB) or
  • how many hours the torrent has been seeded (Time,h)

For the sake of simplicity, these four conditions can be put in two different groups:

The Min,% and UL,MB conditions (mandatory)
These conditions are “packaged together”. That means only if both conditions have been satisfied, the action will be triggered. One condition alone doesn’t suffice.

The Max,% and Time,h conditions (optional)
Each of these condition is independend from all other conditions. That means, as soon as one of Max,% or Time,h is satisfied, the action will be triggered, regardless of whether the other conditions are satisfied or not. So these are hard limits. You can turn the Max,% condition off with “0” and the Time,h conditions with “-1”.

The following table shows which combinations of satifsied conditions will trigger the selected action

Max,%UL,MBTime,hAction triggered


✔= condition has been satisfied
x = condition has not been satisfied or is turned off

Note that there are limits to what you can do with ratio groups. For example, you cannot require a torrent to have both a minimum ratio and a minimum seed time. However, if you need such conditions you can use another tool such as rtcontrol.

A ratio group / torrent size example

Here is an example that shows after how much uploaded MB the action of a particular ratio group is triggered for torrents with different sizes. The Time condition has not been set (-1) for this example ratio group.

Example ratio group

Min %Max %UL,MBTime,h
Torrent size700 MB
Action trigerredafter 700 MB has been uploaded
Reasonthe Min 100% upload (700 MB) and UL,MB (500 MB) conditions are both satisfied
Torrent size350 MB
Action trigerredafter 500 MB has been uploaded
Reasonthe Min 100% upload (350 MB) and UL,MB (500 MB) conditions are both satisfied
Torrent size100 MB
Action trigerredafter 200 MB has been uploaded
Reasonthe Max 200% upload (200 MB) condition has been satisfied

3. Ratio groups examples

These are examples of commonly used ratio groups which you can easily amend to your own needs.

Example 1

Torrents should stop always after reaching a 2.5 ratio

Min %Max %UL,MBTime,h
250250any value-1

If Min % = Max % then the UL,MB condition has (practically) no effect. The Time,h condition has to be turned off (-1).

Alternatively you can specify the following conditions

Min %Max %UL,MBTime,h

In this case the UL,MB condition (0 MB upload) is always satisfied. So as soon as the torrent reaches a 2.5 ratio the action will be triggered.

Example 2

Torrents should stop always after 48 hours seeding regardless of how much (or little) has been uploaded

Min %Max %UL,MBTime,h
10000000any value48

Set the Min % condition to a very high value that is very unlikely to be reached by any torrent. This will (practically) turn both the Min % and the UL,MBcondition off. So the only remaining relevant condition is the Time,h condition.

Example 3

Torrents should not longer seed than 48 hours and should not have a ratio greater than 1.5

Min %Max %UL, MBTime, h

The Time,h condition sets the maximum seed duration in hours. However, the action will be triggered before 48 hours have been passed if the torrent reaches a 1.5 ratio.