Hosting seedbox in Canada.Bad Idea?

There are two main reasons why you might not want to host your seedbox in Canada.

1.Lack of speeds

Most of the torrent activity on see is mostly European servers(Netherlands and French) So its most probably going to prefer those servers against a Canadian one , so if you are just planning your seedbox for download it might be an viable option but if you are planning to seed it might not be the best idea.

2.Canadian Laws getting stringent day by day.

Very recently a Canadian court filed a lawsuit against google for listen the sites that were potentially having infringement of some sorts now not only they didn’t want those links removed from but they wanted them removed from the main servers in California where all the data is stored so that the effect is global ,now if you ask me I think that’s quite a case and I would definitely find in coming years the seedbox companies would be lining up for such lawsuits.

What do I suggest?

Well for starters stick with the seedboxes from Europe, from my experience so far Netherlands seems to have most stable stand towards such issues hence if possible you stick with that.

Second most better options include seedbox from countries like France where , things have been in moderation for long and there are a lot of servers around so definitely you can give it a shot.

Last bust not the least if you are really serious about having seedbox getting seedboxes in hongkong is possible , where while the prices are much higher , you can be pretty much assured that’s that you are not going to have someone knocking on your door soon.

Ohh and last thing if you might be just starting out, use a sftp most of the seedbox providers do provide it, if not then use a VPN though a lot of people say using a VPN is with SFTP is a over kill but from my perspective adding a layer to your protection is definitely a good idea.

This is a staging enviroment