SuperSeeder.Eu Seedbox Review


Seedbox is a product with a lot of competition in the market. Each day a new one is launched creating confusion in consumer’s mind about which one to buy. Even though not all servers are very famous, they deserve all your internet. They allow you to upload and download files with an awesome speed and also pile up files that are huge in size. One of the seedboxes you definitely should try is Supperseder. With some amazing features and insane speed, Supperseder gives you the best experience. Supperseder seedbox comes with VPS and other dedicated servers on which bandwidth won’t be split. Seedbox Review

As we mentioned above that, a lot of seedboxes are in competition with supperseder, i.e. there are various alternatives available which can work the same way as this one:

  •– One of the best alternatives for supperseder. It is available at $5 and gives you 300 GB data storage with 100/mb bandwidth. It is so fast that you can download huge files in just few moments.
  • Seedit4me– Another amazing alternative that offers you some quality solutions and is also one big name in the market. The server is available at 9.99 $ for 1TB storage and 1 GB bandwidth.
  • Rapidseedbox– Again, ranked as one of the best seedbox in 2020, rapidseedbox has some brilliant features and great speed that allows you to download files from torrent in just blink of an eye.

Another thing important is to review the quality of client support. It has to be the main criterion for any person to check the quality of clients before giving any review. Client support of superseder is simply excellent. Incase you have an issue regarding any feature or anything else, you can always contact the customer support panel. You will find an impressive and efficient client support. Superseder makes sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with their way of helping the consumers. The client support is available 24×7 and also very quick. This section of review gets 10/10 for their ability to answer to any of your queries in just few moments.

The choice of seedboxes also play an important role in reviewing a product. Each seedbox offers you different packages. Some may suit your expectations, some may not. There are a few seedboxes that give a lot of data whereas some might have good speed. However, superseder has almost all of it and makes sure that you enjoy every bit of it. Superseder has 100 mbps with the speed of around 8-11 MB/s for downloading and 1 MBps for uploading. The support is very good, and they are always ready for the setup which is also very quick. Seedbox Review

It also gives you the average of about 300-500 KB/s and sometimes upto 700- 800 KB/s. The RAM usage is very smooth and easily reaches 100% of it while downloading. The superseder is a little costlier than other seedboxes as the package includes 150 GB/ unmetered/ 4 shared/ 100 MB/s/ German server. All these are available at $25 per month with rapid speed of GUI.

There are many platforms that work with the support of seedboxes. Plex is definitely the one. The superseder allows you to stream files that are stored on the seedbox without you wanting to download them. You can install upto 50 softwares on your seedbox without it being hanged and is superfast.

The next and the last criterion of our review is the quality of interface. This part of the seedbox is quite satisfying as it has no bandwidth limit. This means that nobody can block you from using the server, nor it can be hacked. You can upload and download as many files you want. Compared to other seedboxes, superseder provides you speed connections and a number of other platforms to stream content on any web platform of your choice. It also doesn’t limit the maximum number of active files nor does it lessen the speed. This seedbox provides you a free VPN included through which you can access the seedbox from any part of the world. It works under open VPN and nobody will know any information about you i.e. you can work anonymously. Also, all your id and passwords along with your IP address will be secured. Even with only 2 GB on your seedbox, you can install as many files you want without any obstacles or disturbance.

Here we have reviewed the three main criteria of the seedbox and you can see that in each and every stage, the superseder seedbox has performed really well. It showcases the features suitable for every server. As far as the price is concerned, the box is a little expensive than others but it is worth spending $25 for this awesome package. If you really want a good seedbox experience, then you should definitely try the superseder.

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