Pulsedmedia Review

Pulsedmedia is one of the older seedbox suppliers which have most of their data centers in France and Finland. In 2020 they offer 4 types of different seedboxes with different speed ranges. Which are some pretty good options they provide to customers? Their lowest speed range starts with 1GBPS which is a very basic speed that nowadays is provided by most of the seedboxes. There highest bandwidth speed that they offer is 20GBPS which is very amazing for downloading and uploading. Which attracts most of the customers. They also provide some top-notch seedbox with great HDD space but with less bandwidth connection. Due to their amazing speed and some amazing combination of seedboxes let’s start with a review of different sections that help us to judge where Pulsedmedia stands in the race of seedbox suppliers. 

Pulsedmedia Review

The quality

As said for the quality of the pulsed media we are quite impressed with it. As different things that they allot in their seedbox is very attractive and has quite an attention generic. Hence the quality of services they provide are very new and fast. Let’s discuss in the below section in detail of the few qualities that most of the seedbox depends upon. 

The interface 

As for the interface, it has been noticed that the interface that Pulsedmedia is providing is very interactive and easy to use. There are few that are important for you which are right there when you open their interface. HDD storage area always denote you that how much storage you are using and frequently refresh it so that you can be aware of it. Whereas there the app install section provides you a good platform where you can download all the apps easily with just one click. There is also a special offer that you get with when you complete your Hard disk they get you an extra 25% of it so that you can burst them all. They also save most of your data on the cloud so that not all your data is gone due to some technical failure. They can always recover the data that is so precious for you. Which is a positive point towards them? One of the best things that they offer on their website is that they are giving you 99% of uptime means it is rarely a chance where your seedbox is getting downtime or there is server glitch. Which is quite impressive of them. The drawback that has been pointed out is that it takes almost 24 hours to set up a seedbox which quite large time to start a new seedbox. Which is one of their drawbacks that they need to take care of. 

The support

The support system they offer on their website is IRC chatroom, emails, and tickets. Irc chatrooms are very impressive on the website as it gives you fast replies and also helps you to chat with other staff members and users so that the query you re having get resolves as soon as possible. Which gives them a plus point towards their customer support system. They also have arranged tickets for users so that whenever a user has doubts regarding some technical issues, of which they can attach screenshots or videos for better understanding. It has been observed that their replies are very fast and quick, also if there is some technical issue with the seedbox they try to solve it within 24 to 48 hours so that users don’t have to suffer any issues for a longer period of time. 

The speed

Speed is one of the major factors on which most of the seedboxes are compared. And Pulsedmedia has shown some good points in the bandwidth allocation that they provide. As discussed above there top bandwidth allocation that they provide to users for download and upload is of 20GBPS which is in their Dragon series plan. And the lowest speed that they offer is very common and could be increased from that. It has also been seen that most of the plans that they offer are of different speed with different storage area which is a good thing because they are giving different options to the users so that he/she can choose according to their needs. Which is a positive point in their favor? Also, they have denoted on their website that they offer 99% uptime to their users which is a very unique thing to offer on their website. This helps users to decide if they are not much of a problem in their services they can easily choose multimedia as their product. Hence from overall, it can be conducted that pulse media offers different speeds at different prices with the lowest downtime but the point that they need to tackle is to increase their lowest bandwidth allocation speed so that there is a better speed in the lowest cost like cheapseedbox and evoseedbox. 

The final verdict:-

As for the final conclusion, we can say that overall Pulsemedia is a good choice to buy a decent seedbox at reasonable prices with good speed. One of the major factors of buying through Pulsemedia is to get a variety of product choices of different price ranges. Also with quick customer support, they are offering a good and stable seedbox to users. They also allot ram for the users so that you can see in your client area how much RAM is being used when you are using different apps on it.    

One of the drawbacks that need to be tackle by Pulsedmedia is that they have to increase the lowest speed of their most basic plans so that users can get good speed with good prices otherwise they are giving good services at reasonable prices.  

Other than Pulsemedia, there are other seedbox suppliers like cheapseedbox and evoseedbox which provide the same quality of service at affordable prices at great speed so you can also go through them if you are new to seedboxes.  if you want to build good ratio either opt for teh nest plan which is at 12 euro or choose one of The Seedboxes from my Top 10 Seedbox list.

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