Top 10 Vpn Cheap For Torrent


There are many VPN’s available online but there are only a few good ones for Torrenting , vpn or virtual private networks definitely help you in maintaining your online privacy while you can browse , download with a peace of mind . The way a VPN for torrent works is like it acts like a intermediate to all your data exchange online and so your ISP cannot see what you are actually doing . There are a free VPN available online but it is recommended that you get a professional VPN for your seedbox or general browsing because the service is much faster the encryption is much better and the downloads will be much quicker when you are getting professional VPN also note that professional VPN’s generally don’t keep a log so it is much for safer to get yourself a professional VPN service and the best part is they pretty much cost nothing compared to the benefits you can get out of it , mostly it is cheaper than a cup of coffee, also note that some seedbox companies do provide a VPN account with their seedboxes which we will cover in another article.

Based on our experiences we are putting down the top vpn’s for your use the major criteria that we judged the VPN’s were their speed and cost for the data bandwidth they give you each month. It is very critical to consider these factors while getting your seedbox . The way we judged is we have always preferred the VPN’s providing unlimited bandwidth because it is really very annoying to one day find out that your vpn has reached which is very common if your internet usage is high also when the data is unlimited it makes sense in terms of cost as the fraction of cost keeps on reducing under these circumstances.

Below is the listing of Top 10 VPN’s cheap for torrent, sometimes some of the top sites have their slots filled up so you might not get a account but if you keep looking on the equivalent top von sites you might very well find the VPN you might be looking for:

Vpn Service for Torrent cheapPriceBandwidthSpeed DecreaseSpecial featureServiceYearly
EarthVPN3.99Unlimited5-6%No LogsSuper Fast40
IBVpn4.95Unlimited5-10%No LogsVery Fast40
PrivacyIO 5Unlimited5-7%No LogsVery fast50+2months free
FACELESS6.65Unlimited8-10%No LogsVery Fast60
Privateinternetaccess Top Vpn For Torrent6.95Unlimited5-10%5 Devices/ No logsVery fast40
PrivatVPN7.5Unlimited8-10%No LogsFast68
Btguard top VPN for torrent9.95Unlimited2-5%No throttling/No usage loggedVery Fast60
Torguard9.95Unlimited8-10%No logsVery Fast60
IPVANISH10Unlimited6-8%No LogsFast78
IVPN15Unlimited5-8%Malta/No LogsVery Fast100

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