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Ultraseedbox is known to be one of the best seedboxes from over the last few years, however, it is a bit costlier than others or we can say that the price increases per GB. It also slows down the downloading speed from the public trackers which is a con for the server. Other than that, it is a great friend of yours in a private tracker business which allows a huge amount of consumers into buying the server.

Before going into the detailed review about Ultraseedbox First, let’s understand what is Seedbox and what you can do with it?

A seedbox is a dedicated server with a public IP address for accessing and seeding BitTorrent files at a high-speed data center. Individuals who have connections to a seedbox will import these files at any time and from any location with an internet connection to their personal computers.

A seedbox is a term for when torrent community users use a dedicated server or VPS to increase tracker upload. Normally a seedbox has a very fast connection (anywhere from 10Mb / s to 1000Mb / s) and is accessed by the user remotely. They can be leased month by month, or quarterly. The rapid pace helps users to quite quickly attain large ratios on torrents, thereby increasing their upload to the server.

Ultraseedbox provides Netherlands-based servers, although they have few server locations in France as well. They sell different types of seedbox depending on various factors like storage, RAM, speed, etc which we will be discussing below. 

Reason to have Ultraseedbox

Download and upload

Ultraseedbox provides great speed in downloading as well as uploading torrents and files to your seedbox. As they offer speed of 20GBPS of speed in every plan they have listed on their website. As we have observes 20GBPS of speed is an amazing speed and both download and upload are done in just a few minutes. This is a point in their favor because providing such huge bandwidth allocation to your users is a very hard task and Ultraseedbox have succeeded in that.

Allow you to do heavy tasks

As in Ultraseedbox, they provide plans with a description of how many CPU’s are allotted to each one of them. So that when you choose any of them you can get an idea of how much processing you would be using to choose a particular plan. As for heaving torrenting and seedboxing work, it is necessary to choose a plan that has its highest RAM capacity that can be processed easily. It has been observed that Ultraseedbox provides seedboxes that can be easily used for heavy task performance also you can observe if there is downtime because of any of your tasks.

Allow You to use peer to peer network

Peer to Peer network means that two PC is connected over the internet and without having any extra server they can share files and folders easily. Ultraseedbox provides a better way to connect the P2P network so that the speed through which your transfer of files is going on is fast enough, also they make sure that the connection that has been made is secure and encrypted so that no malicious actions can be done.

Privacy and anonymity

Privacy and Anonymity is one of the major things that is being watched during operating a seedbox. Ultraseedbox somewhat fulfills that requirement as they enhance your online anonymity with encrypted access & secure protocols so that they make sure your data only belongs to you and no unauthorized person can see that data. As they have tier-1 servers associated with the plans, they have tried to maintain the privacy and anonymity of their customers. But we think that they should more focus on trying to provide a better and secure system for their services as well for their customers so that no customer can worry about there data.

Can be used as Cheap storage

As you know that nowadays seedbox comes with a variety of space so that you don’t have to store anything on your local computer and can get enough storage area online so that you can save anything online. The highest storage that is given by Ultraseedbox to their customers is 12 TB and the lowest that they offer is 500GB that is pretty good for customers as they can get a huge amount of disks for storing their data. They also provide a huge amount of disk for uploading their data as many customers use seedboxes only for uploading and maintaining torrents.

Performance and support

They have extremely fast setup once users have paid for there respective seedboxes. Also, they come with a nice support system so that they can resolve queries of users as soon as possible.

First of all, after you have paid for your seedbox you can check the compatibility of it till 7 days that you are happy with the product that you have brought or not. If you are not they will give your money back without asking any questions that is a wonderful idea because sometimes customers are not aware if they are buying the right product or not. 

Their performance is great as they provide CPU usage which frequently tells you how much capacity is being used by your seedbox and how it is being reacted to it. Which is a point in there favor as users can understand easily what is being wrong what is not? They also provide maximum speed through their server for downloading and as well as uploading. Wish one of the major advantages they have given to their customer by providing @)GBPS of speed both for upload as well as download. 

Their support system is no that good because there is a small team behind it some time it takes a huge time to solve a ticket or an issue. Also there tickets solving for greater problems are also done at low speed because of which you have to wait a lot for solving a small issue also. Which is one of the major factor that needs to be fast because the customer doesn’t wait too much for a reply or for an inquiry?


  • Highest speed of 20GBPS with all plans
  • Highest CPU allotted is of 7-8
  • Can easily be used in normal browsers
  • Preinstalled apps and WebUI client in your seedbox 
  • A preconfigured file manager where you can all your files from
  • High bandwidth for traffic allocations
  • 24/7 support system
  • 7-day trial period
  • Huge disk for upload
  • Less costs
  • Different automated servers


  • Not great support system
  • Takes huge time for solving small issues
  • Not great in providing security and privacy
  • No bandwidth limit


Ultraseedbox has 3sets of plans that you can find a difference in. There are many things that they show in a list that describe how there each plan differs from each other. 

Their most basic plan is known as S-WIND which is of 4.76 euros per month which is a quite low price plan that is good enough for starters pack. It also has 20GBPS of speed and 300GB of HDD allotted which is very good to offer in 4 euros. This makes it easy for users to choose as other providers offer more pricey seedboxes in their basic plans with many less features in it. 

There high rated plans come around 51-67 euros per month which offers 20GBPS of speed to there customers. There are all allocated to high CPU powers and traffic capacity which is good. All come with preinstalled apps and plex which is also a point in their favor. The two things that are bad is they prioritize there support system on the basis of plans and not on the urgency of the situation. Second there cost for their highest plan is way too much for a seedbox.  

Also, there support system and information on their website are great help as some amazing guides they have set up so that users don’t have to go here or there. They can read those guides or ask them a question and they will be answered in an efficient as well as in the fastest way possible.

you can visit there site here, If you are looking for more options you can refer to our top list Seedbox.

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