Best Anime Kodi Addons


Looks like you are a big fan of anime? If that’s the case, Kodi is one of your best choices! Kodi has hundreds of beautiful addons from the anime world that offer you the latest and greatest. I have dug in deep and have presented you with the best anime Kodi icons in this article.

So, for those who are not aware of what Kodi addon is let me quickly explain to you what exactly it is in the following section.

What is a Kodi Addon?

You can think of Kodi addons as mini-apps whose core purpose is to improve the functionality of the core applications. Hundreds of additional devices are available from Kodi’s official website. With the Kodi addons, you can access to various movies, tv shows, enjoy live sports, and many more.

Kodi addons, however, are not considered to be very robust and keep going through changes and patches, as well as fear being downgraded due to breaches of copyright. 

These days, Anime is all the craze and that happens all over the world. Anime has grown considerably over the course of time, with more sophisticated plots, much better plots, and improved character development. 

If you are a crazy fan of anime and you are hunting to club all your needs together, then anime addons are the best solution for you. With the help of Kodi addon, you can get free access to enjoy all your anime on Kodi.

I would highly recommend using a VPN to watch Kodi content safely and legally. 

So, some of the best Kodi addons to watch anime are:

  1. AnimeGo: AnimeGo has gained immense popularity in a very short span. There are various add-ons available, but AnimeGo is the best one for cartoon lovers. It is highly resourceful and offers the best of the anime movie and shows.
  2. AnimeHere: AnimeHere Kodi addon is one of the most popular Dubbed and anime content add-ons currently available. The addon is produced via DKnight. AnimeGo is also the creator of the DKnight; another Kodi anime addon. Animehere is well known for several interesting libraries with a user-friendly menu layout and numerous anime episodes. With Anime ‘s help, you’ll find several genres to watch anime here.
  3. AnimeFTW:To all anime fans out there, might be the first choice but it’s not all free. It just provides for free the first one or two episodes of each cartoon and then you have to pay if you want to go any further. As Animeftw. TV is a paid content provider, you will find an impressive quality of image and content. The content can be viewed with subtitles and dubbed versions.
  4. WatchNixToons:If the Incursion repository is known to you, then the WatchNixtoons addon is in this repository and can be accessed from Incursion. It’s a fantastic addon for Kodi, with several sections and categories. You can watch the film, dubbed anime, cartoon list, favorite cartoons, subbed anime, Ova film, TV shows, and movies.
  5. USTVnow:USTVnow is one of the best sports live addon which can be found in the Kodi repository. It is an OTT service mainly for US military and citizens who are living abroad. However, this service is not available inside the USA.
  6. Polaris: Polaris is not a dedicated Kodi Anime Addon. The reason it’s included is that it gives you access to different playlists of YouTube videos. In particular, it includes a bundle of video sections including the Anime. Actually the addon is in the phases of development and several new parts are planned in the future. Its sections include Movies, Films, Money Saving and Life Hacks, Cartoons, Karaoke Fever, Past Blast, Car Addicted, etc.
  7. iPlayer WWW: iPlayer WWW is available only in the UK and you can find this in the Kodi repositories. You need a VPN to unlock it. This addon is freely available and you can play plenty of Tv and movie shows. This addon grants access to BBC’s iPlayer. Apart from watching the live content, you can also enjoy the sports relays which are always available and updated on a regular basis.
  8. Red Bull TV:Unlike other add-ons, this is globally available and is free of cost. This addon focuses on sports in addition to music, lifestyle, etc. You can find this addon in the official Kodi repository. It has a simple installation process. The media is streamed in a very effective manner.
  9. NBC Sports Live Extra: As we all are aware that NBC Sports is the most popular Sports TV channel and has a number of broadcasting contacts so that all the sports fans are happy to access it over the internet rather than watching it merely on TV. NBC Sports Live Extra addon works completely fine and you can enjoy the relays of sports if you are a sports fan. However, this addon is restricted to the USA only.
  10. majority of the content of this addon is available everywhere, however restricting some live events to the USA. You can stream live events, full seasons of TV shows, highlights, and replays with this addon. A most important aspect of addon is that it streams in HD and has been available for Kodi for a long duration.
  11. ESPN Player: Well, I don’t think I need to tell what ESPN is. Everyone is aware of ESPN due to its high popularity. This sports channel has influenced a large number of audiences across the globe. It is an OTT service available outside the USA and Canada. Once you install this addon, you can enjoy various sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, etc. The addon is available in the Kodi repository and the OTT service works completely fine and is available at a good cost.
  12. FoxSports Go:This addon is available only in the USA and streams live games, TV shows, and also programming. This addon is a free OTT service if you have a live TV streaming subscription. You can use this addon with the help of a VPN outside the USA. It is one of the best live sports Kodi addons as one can stream pre-game and post-game shows, documentaries, and many more.


So these are some of the best Kodi addons that I have listed for you. I hope this will help you to expand your Kodi library and you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows, movies, games, and many more without a glitch.

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