review is the newest entry into the world of Seedbox provider and it has been playing its game quiet strongly. There are many seedboxes already existing in the market but has grabbed the attention of most users now due its unique style and features. In this article, we bring you the review of this amazing Seedbox. We would like to extend our information on how it is doing wonders with its services to the users.

Before understanding about the functionality aspects of, first let’s brush up about a Seedbox! What it does and how it is useful?

Seedbox is a server which holds a public IP address that allows the users to access and seed any BitTorrent files at very great speed data center. The term “Seedbox” is dedicated to the torrent community users who have VPS exclusively to increase tracker upload. People who avail the Seedbox services can import files from any location at any time on their personal devices, provided they have an internet connection. The connection speed can be as fast as 10MB/s to 1GB/s. The subscription can be renewed on a monthly or quarterly basis. The quick speed helps in faster torrent downloads and uploads. provides different types of packages depending on various factors such as storage, RAM, speed etc.


Speed for upload and download

Cloudboxes are uniquely known for their superfast download and upload speed of torrents and files on your Seedbox. Sometimes the issues in downloading files from Seedbox to the device can be observed. But that happens once in a bluemoon. Surely, you will love the services due to the remarkable speed.


The different plans provided by them describes of how much RAM is allotted to each category. So depending upon the type of plan you choose,

your tasks would be accomplished. A heavier RAM would definitely ensure better and faster processing. A flawless task accomplishment is directly proportional to the amount of RAM allotted for the Seedbox.

Save your storage

Now you don’t need to worry about the storage problem constantly. The limited local device storage is no more an issue with the extra space that is provided along with this Seedbox. The maximum storage that it provides is upto 6TB. All this comes at a very low price. Suitable for your pocket too.

Customer support

Once you have paid for either of the Seedbox plan, unburden your issues on the support system. Whenever you have problems you can instantly seek technical support and your problems would get resolved.

Easy file transfer

Computer systems that are connected via internet and having single server can too share files and folders across them by the help of this facility. Files transfer become way easier through P2P connections. The transfers are 100% secure to prevent any harmful activities. The encryption is always there. For a quick transfer of files across devices this can be a greatly relied upon.


Mostly the users are concerned about their privacy and security. The constant concern of being watched over while accessing the Seedbox is too high. Cloudboxes is another name for assurance. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Seedbox, you have arrived at the right place. The online masking of your true identity and encryption of data secures all your tragedies. A powerful VPN that comes along with the Seedbox ensures that your IP address isn’t visible to malicious people.

Money back guarantee

Once you have bought a plan, test it. Take your time to decide if it perfectly fits your needs. The facility of money back within one week is also provided. If you are dissatisfied, you can claim your paid money. The cost for 1TB bandwidth consumption is around 3€. The money in accordance to the bandwidth consumption would be charged.


  1. The cloudbox plans are only 3 types named as small, medium and large. The small box provides a low disk space of 1TB only. The maximum concurrent cores is 10 which is less too. The price for the same is 14.95 €/month.
  2. The plan medium comes with a larger disk space of 3TB. The uplink for all the plans is same, that is, 20Gbps. The maximum concurrent cores for plan medium are 20. The cost of this plan is about 29.95€/month.
  3. The last and the costliest plan is called as Large. The disk space is around 6TB which is quiet huge. The GPU and Ip are free. No extra money is charged for it. The maximum concurrent cores are 40. The price is also hefty. It is about 79.95 €/month.

You can have a look at the plans chart by clicking on this link also.

Overall status

So far, the company has satisfied the consumers on every aspect. Be it storage space or speed. The users can detect the problem with several tools that they provide. So if something goes wrong suddenly while you are on a task, you can leave all that too the support team.

The support system is available 24/7 at your services. Reply comes within a few minutes. The problem is resolved as soon as possible. This is the reason why we consider it a great choice as a Seedbox. Customer doesn’t like to wait for hours to get their problems fixed.

Hope you like this article.  If you are looking for more options you can refer to our top list Seedbox.

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