How To Use CouchPotato & How To Configure It


CouchPotato is an app that is provided by iseedfast’s seedbox which helps you to to download movies with just one click! There are some configuration that you have to do to setup the couch potato according to your preference. This article will help you to configure couch potato and how to use it.

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it

client area

Login to your iseedfast account to access your seedbox. Now go to your applications tab and install Couch potato. We already have an instruction manual on how to install applications on your seedbox

Now that you have installed couch potato on your seedbox, let us see how to configure it. When you open the application you will have to login using the user_id and password that is provided on your seedbox’s client area.

couchpotato login

Login Page

Once you login, you will be able to see a welcome page.

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it 

Welcome page

You can see the port number below username and password. Change it to the port number that is given on your seedbox. Usually it is 22/21. Now when you scroll down you will be able to see different configuration settings.

Adding Searchers

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it

First you well have to add the way you want to download the movie. You can either use Usenet or torrents or both. My personal preference is using rtorrent because it it already provided in iseedfast.

rtorrent in couch potato

So the movies that you choose to download will be downloaded to your seedbox using rtorrent.

Adding Down-loaders

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it

Next, you have to add websites and applications from you want couch potato to find torrents and usenet from.

Torrent Applications

You can change the seed ratio and seed time according to your preference. 

Rename and move your movies

Next thing you will see is the option to rename movies and change the download location. You can change to way you link your movies to be named and also change the folder in seedbox where you want your movies to be stored.

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it

Moving and renaming movies

Couch Potato Web Extension

You can add couch potato extension to your web browser and then directly add movies to your seedbox from any website like IMDB, rotten tomatoes etc. with just a click!

couchpotato chrome extension

Couch Potato Extension

When you scroll down, you will discover that the setup is finished! Now you can enjoy the services of CouchPotato.

setup couchpotato

Setup Finished

Now let us see how to use Couch Potato!

Find a movie that you want to watch. I am going to download a Korean movie named parasite. One of the best features of CouchPotato is that you can add a movie that is still in the making if it is listed. The application will download the movie once it is available.

couchpotato movie library manager

Adding movies

Search the movie and add it. You can even change the quality in which you want to download the movie in. Once you add the movie, couch potato will start working to find torrents and usenets available to download the movie and will start downloading the movie on your seedbox.

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it

Movie torrents

You can even watch the trailer of the movie and also see all the torrents available and choose any.

As soon as the download button is clicked the movie will start downloading in rtorrent.

How to use CouchPotato & How to configure it

rtorrent download

That’s it!! The movie is downloaded on your seedbox with just a click! You can even add your existing movies folder to couch potato and manage your movies. 

This is a staging enviroment