CheapSeedbox Review
November 19, 2015 11:24 am
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If you are looking for a seedbox with decent budeget and good space , might be a good choice for you.

Few things to consider while getting boxes from

They have two segments the mini slots raging speeds from 100-250 mbps and price ranges at 5euro to 12.5 Euro mini plans

well if you are looking for 100 mbps seedbox it might be a good place to get that for the price but with shred users from what I can make out is that speeds would be abysmal, and VPN is not included with thse plans either . If you are thinking of seeding on private tarckers this might not be the best solution for you in terms of seedbox, if you are very light user for the price it might fit the bill..

The second tier plans are premium plans:

Seedbox io primum plans

The good part about the premium plans is that it includes VPN and autodl irssi and all the plans are 1 GBPS , so definitely a better option from their medium tire plans , I would recommend getting the server location in netherlands as it is the most peered network. 14 euro for a 600 GB seedbox is quite decent but for casual user it might be investing too much to get 1 GBPS seedbox if you dont need that much space.Said that I know i am mentioning it agian but you should definitely try out the NL servers if you are planning to get seedbox from them. speed report

I have in this scenatio tested their 1 GBPS seedbox , to be fair the downloads actally crossed the 100 MBPS limits hwihc is great but the uploads were kind of low I am not sure if there is a limiting factor but it reached upto 23 MBps which is quite fair in a shared Seedbox.

One thing I noticed though is there is no processor usage plugin so you cnanot seed when the disc i/o processor usage is too high , the prespective is when your processor usage is too high might not be the best time to seed a fresh torrent.

In any case I think the plans are definitely good for the pice and the performance is good so far.


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Have more question comments on there services feel free to comment below , You cna find more reviews and chep cheapseedboxes at our Seedbox Top List