It is certainly part of the references in the US, in Europe, and has been available throughout recent years. Even though this may not be the best Seedbox supplier, the survey states positive in the starting of the survey. All things considered, it has a few shortcomings in our 4 models that clarify its normal evaluation. Without wasting any more second, find our top to bottom survey in which we'll investigate every one of its qualities and shortcomings through the examination of our 4 regular standards.

Visit :, previous Hostingor, is a seedbox supplier that provides unmetered service to the users. They run their system peering with different huge Internet trades situated in Europe. Their network comprises of Level3, Telia, NTT, GTT, Zayo, Core-Backbone, Seaborne, and direct peering using AMS-ix, LINX, DE-CIX. offers both shared and dedicated plans on there seedbox. Starting with a shared network its been ready and for use in only 5 minutes which is quite a good time. But with a dedicated network, it may take longer than 4 hours which needs to be fixed, which also creates disappointment for the users.

The 300GB is a cheap plan, that offers you to start seed-boxing in no time. For $5.50 or euro €5.00 you can have a 300GB Disk space, and a 100 MB of unmetered dedicated bandwidth

The E3-1230 is their popular dedicated server which comes with 8GB RAM, 4000GB storage, 1000Mbit uplink, and 50TB (in+out) bandwidth, for €35.00 mini plans

The quality of client support

The first model of our review,  states that there were mixed feelings regarding their reviews at some point. It was observed that most of the time their replies were fast and quick. 

You’ll get an answer under 60 minutes, which is more than right. As all Seedboxes that you'll discover over the net, you will find that most of them give 24/7 support to their customers. it is a very good trick to attract your customers and engage them more and more. 

Shockingly, the best way to speak with the customer case is through mail or tickets. There is no call, no chat system, no Skype which is a minor setback for the customers.

Moreover, it was observed that the associates on the chat were not that friendly and it seems that the user is talking to a bot that is giving pre-entered answers. We were thusly somewhat disappointed with their interaction system because it should be improvised on their ends though they are quick in their replies it should be necessary that they should make human contact with the users which will help them to engage more customers. 

Though it will good if they can improve their message system by including more live chats so that “Human touch” can be done through it.

Points on interface

To the point where the interface of the seedbox matters, the survey is not that good but there are some points which tell that there fast and responsive in their own manner. Hence first, we were truly amazed that it gives 100Mb/s speed of connection which was on their basic plan. It has been found that all other competitors those who are in the race of selling seedbox all have more than 10 times speed than Even their best plan also gives the speed “only” offer 1Gb/s of up and downlink which is nothing new in the field of seedboxes. Hence this shows that review about gets downwards from this point.

To the point where the speed of installing and accessing their server is measured it shows that they are very quick and have very fast responses which is a good sign for a seedbox. It is also seen that you can easily access the VPS server which is a point in their favor. As you'll find in the fourth and last segment of our survey, you can test the nature of this supplier on account of 14 days of unconditional promise. If at any point you don't care for it, you simply need to request your compensation and go to another Seedbox supplier. In terms of security, provides security with OpenVPN which works quite well hence you don’t need to worry about the security of your seedbox provider. Also, this will give you an advantage over to share unlimited files and download them without anyone seeing what you are downloading. 

Hence conclusion for this section states that due to bad connection speed there is a low ranking of otherwise there interfaces as well security concerns are well tackled by them. It can be observed from the above discussion that their speed limit is affecting their seedbox otherwise their interface and security of the seedbox for users are great. They have to work on the speed factor so that more customers get register on them and better speed is provided.

The Final verdict

It has been observed from the above discussion that though provides some great deals at great speed there is a minor factor which should be considered to improve their services. The first and most important point is to set up a proper chat system or other communication systems so that customers or users can contact them easily and also customers can get the idea that their people behind that chat, no machines are there. Which will give an advantage by engaging their customers more. Hence the second thing that is offered by most of the seedbox and lacks is speed. Most of the seedbox providers in 2020 offer great speed for downloading as well as uploading. They need to think a lot about increasing their speed so that their seedbox doesn’t rank low. Whereas these 2 factors affect the most in, cheapseedbox, and Evoseedbox are those competitors that are allrounder in the seedbox industry. They provide great speed with huge storage and area and a simple interface so that everybody can use it easily. Have more question comments on there services feel free to comment below , You cna find more reviews and  cheapseedboxes at our Seedbox Top List

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