Seedbox Sftp local drive

Mounting Seedbox as a sFTP local drive is a great way of accessing and editing your files locally without using ant FTP software. It not only makes your files easy to access and use seedbox as a local drive but it is also helpful in configuring a lot of automation tools with Seedbox.

Step 1. Download the sFTP package from this link:

Step 2.
Extract it into any folder on your PC, and run the set and wait for it to be complete, sometimes it can take a bit more time please be patient.

Step 3.
After the setup is complete run the file WinSshFS, it is recommended you can make a shortcut for it on your desktop for easy access.

Step 4.
The program is running but it loads on the bottom left panel in windows, to bring up the settings page you have to double click on it.

Step 5.
Once winSSHfs opens up, fill in the below details, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 6.
That should mount the sFTP Seedbox drive on your computer. You can find it by opening my computers.

Other than giving you easy access to your files, it is really helpful in setting up torrent automation tools like Sickrage and Couch Potato, which is described here: How to install Couch Potato.

If you have any questions or doubts feel free to write it in comments, we will be prompt at replying  😉 

This is a staging enviroment