VPS for seedbox very cheap at ajvps

VPS stands for Virtual private server , If you comfortable setting up your own seedbox then getting a VPS for seedbox is the best option to set up your seedbox. All VPS providers do not allow you to host seedboxes , so be sure to read the terms and condition before you plan to buy your VPS for seedbox.


Once you get your virtual private server then you need to install the torrent application and make the configurations in order to make it functional, if you are planning to use the vps only for seedbox purposes its  best if you install the free Operating systems like centos.

Also in a VPS as your minimum resource that is allotted when you buy is always constant , it is better that you get a  cheaper VPS that you can use for a long time without shelling out a lot of money.

But keep these below points in mind

1. The server has low US or Eu Latency

2. The routers are of best quality with proper firewalls and servers.

3.You get realtime VPS statistics

4. you have 24X7 Support

5. Some sites show one price on their site and when you check out they try to scheme money for VAT etc .

6. You get instant setup.

I would personally recommend you AJVPS they have the cheapest VPS service with all the above criteria fulfilled if you want to go to their website go to : AJVPS LINK Click HereThey also have seedboxes with SSD you can choose any of the plans by clicking the link or choosing any of the below plans.

vps for seedbox

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