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      Top seedbox 2015 provides you with best reviews and specifications of seedboxes so you can decide the right seedbox .

      If you are new to seedbox you might want to read our comprehensive guide on what is a seedbox :Click  HERE

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      Based on our critical analysis we have come to these Seedboxes.These Boxes have maximum value for money as well as best performance.We have not put down all the specifications but you could read more about them in the review. These top Seedboxes will give you the best bang for your buck.

      We have listed all kind of seedboxes ranging from 100mbit to 10Gbit Seedboxes which are priced reasonably.

      Sometimes the cheapest Seedbox is not available because the slots get taken up very quickly.The best advice is to keep a an eye on what you want and take up the slot whenever the Seedbox is available.

      We also provide promo codes for all seedboxes , some are exclusive to this site only . So try out your first one for some extremely low prices , Now !

      In simple terms seedbox is a remote computer with a torrent web application running on it generally rutorrent , you can upload the tracker file on the seedbox and it would start downloading it.

      If you want to gave a overview on how to use rutorrent seedbox click this link rutorrent guide 

      To transfer files from your seedbox with /without encryption you can follow our seedbox file transfer guide here

      Privacy from your ISP and complete peace of mind .See you on the Top Seeding side 🙂






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      1Evoseedbox1Gbps –  10 Gbps150 GBSeedbox promo code2TB5$Plextime review logo
      2Dediseedbox1 Gbps400 GBSeedbox promo codeUnlimited15 $seedbox review
      3Superboxes 1Gbps300 GBSeedbox promo codeUnlimited10$logo
      4Iseedfast1 GBPS50 GBNA1 TB3$iseedfast logo
      5BlackWidowHosting1GBPS1000 GBNA8 TB15$
      6Plextime1GBPS300 GbNA5 TB12$
      7Rapidseedbox1 GBPS500 GBNAUnlimited17$
      8Seedstuff100 Mbps100 GbSeedbox promo codeUnlimited10$Seedstuff.ca Promo Code
      9Seedboxbay1Gbps100 GBSeedbox promo codeUnlimited5$Seedbox review
      10Seedbox.io1Gbps 600 GBSNT hostings promo code Unlimited 15$seedboxio review logo
      11Seedboxsol1 Gbps250 GBPulsedmedia Promo codeUnlimited8 $Seedboxsolutions Review
      12SSDapp.com 100 Mbps200 GbPulsedmedia Promo codeUnlimited6 $SSDAPP SEEDBOX REVIEW
      13Snt Hosting 100 Mbps60 GBSNT hostings promo code Unlimited6 $SNT hosting seedbox Review
      14SeedStorm 1 Gbps350 GbNone2 TB15 $Seedstorm Seedbox review
      15Tuvix Hosting 1 Gbps100 GBSNT hostings promo code Unlimited10 $Tuvis Review
      16 Underleech1 Gbps 210 GbSNOWUnlimited 16 $Review
      17WickedBoxes100 Mbps100 GbNoneUnlimited5$wicked server seedbox review
      18Easytkfrench 1Gbps200 GbVisit through our websiteUnlimited11 $EastTk Seedbox review
      19leechdrive1Gbps50 GBAnnual PlanUnlimited5$Review

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      What is a seedbox? Please refer the below video to get a brief idea on seedboxes.

      Seedbox Infographic

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      Latest Updates

      1. SSDAPP  doubled space in their shared seedboxes.

      • KarthikKarunakaran

        Please add this website too http://seedgear.info/

      • karthikbeat

        Add Seedgear Seedbox – http://seedgear.info

      • bernardpeki

        DediSeedbox:  https://dediseedbox.com/clients/aff.php?aff=287
        The Best!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sourgrapes

        Tried using SSDAPP, paypal put a hold on funds directed to them, No answers from support seem to be the same people that either run of own secureboxes that I am in a dispute with. You have the knowledge BEWARE.

      • Hi,
        I know the owner Danny personally, I will talk to him personally about it. Thanks ks for pointing it out, can you mention your username here if you dont mind. I promise something will be done immidiately.
        Also I encourage everyone to post something so I can contact these providers or reduce their rankings accordingly.

      • karthikbeat  They made me remove them

      • sourgrapes

        seedbox user name is sourgrapes, do not think it will help, my belief is they either do not know what they are doing or they are running a scam. Would suggest that you remove them entirely,

      • sourgrapes

        sourgrapes seedboxDay Four Still no connection no refund

      • sourgrapes

        Received refund today ended up costing me only 1 buck in fees.  Hope everyone is able to work there problems out. Feel like I put in $500.00 worth of work.

        Crazy crazy

      • sourgrapes

        viperp seedboxreceived refund today cost me only a buck in fees, hope you get the same.  Crazy Crazy probably cost me 500 bucks in sweat and blood

      • sourgrapes

        sourgrapes viperpseedboxAnother heads up, it is against PayPal policy to fight a seedbox operator for your funds if you have a dispute. But they are keen to make money on the transfers between two parties. Hypocritical, yes but that is the world today.

      • essiekert

        Please tell Danny another customer awaiting activation!

      • essiekert

        Hope he offers some insentive to stay!!

      • sourgrapes

        essiekert WOW

      • sourgrapes

        essiekert guess you did not read my posts, all the best in your quest

      • essiekert

        sourgrapes essiekert 
        No never read your posts before buying, hey ho 🙁 
        Still not activated or had a reply to my support ticket/complaint 🙁

      • essiekert Hey I just spoke to Danny he said that there might have been some technical glitch, far as speeds are concerned I have a seedbox account with him personally and the download on well seeded torrents easily reach 8-11 mbps , which is very decent for 8 $ in my opinion, of course there are better seedbox but it should serve fine if you arent not a heavy user.

        Also if you are still facing problems with your seedbox I will escalate the issue with him.

        thanks for your comments it helps to make the website better, also I am going to put up promo codes and offers soon on this page so that you can reap the maximum benefit .

      • essiekert


        Hi seedbox,

        I called the support number and spoke directly to Danny who got things sorted, including a few mistakes I made in certain settings.

        He explained the account had to be set up manually as there were a few problems with the auto setup, but up and runing now, and found Danny to be a very patiend, understanding and polite gentleman I must say.

        Send me a promo code please 😉

      • PekiSkrebic

        bernardpeki  Best  SeedBox:        https://dediseedbox.com/clients/aff.php?aff=287

      • Cheap VPS hosting deals are in one place. You can pay $5 and get your VPS.. Find out more on http://vpssearchengine.com/

      • BernardSkrebic
      • All Issues have been completely resolved at SSDapp Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

      • welpthemagicdragon

        Whatbox.ca is easily one of the best seedbox services around.

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      • Tuvix Hosting is spelled wrong
        thnx for the add here in the list

      • If anyone needs help moving from another company to ours, let us know.
        We will begin price/service matching very soon (ofcourse terms apply here)

        Check out our new pricings and configurations, i think you will be amazed


      • Jskyyk

        When will you start the price price matching?

      • alclkydy

        I’ve been with UNderleech for a year and generally had no problems. However they have been missing off the planet for the last 3 days and do not respond to support tickets etc. They may be out of business by the looks. Their website still shows they are up….lights are on but no one is home.

      • Visit our website tuvixhosting.com and open a ticket.
        State your current pkan with proof and screenshot stating when the subscription ends.
        Also name features you have now.
        I will have a look and see if we can give a good offer

      • Anything in mind?
        We are working in rules and conditions but if you have Anything in mind i can check what we can do for you

      • alclkydy

        TuvixHosting Thanks looking over your web page there is no openvpn and i can’t find any detail on policy and terms regarding privacy. To be honest i’m an extremely light user but like to know what i’m agreeing to. Thanks.

      • alclkydy TuvixHosting we don’t offer vps on our seedboxes because of the abuse we have encountered.
        this gave us more problems legally then worth the trouble to be honest.

        policies and terms are really simple, there are non.
        what i mean is, it is simple, we do not at any point comply with any demands from whoever to give up data and/or details.
        Concerning terms of use, no restrictions really

      • sigmaphi

        TuvixHosting you guys are just reseling online.net/oneprovider server ! I would rather buy dedicated server from the original source u selling a server of 9€ for 19.85€ and a 27€ server for 47€ 

        thats just stealing/cheating…. so u telling me the extra money is for the installation script lol

      • sigmaphi TuvixHosting Actually your statement is just partialy true.
        First of all, we buy servers in high volume, unlike oneprovider does, they just buy servers as the orders come in.
        This means our delivery and response time is a lot higher.
        Did you know oneprovider sends out deliveries no sooner then 3 upto 5 business days?
        We can within 24hours (also in the weekends if stock allows, try that with them)

        Also, our support is much easier to reach then theirs, as we have staff on support 24/7

        I think before someone calls out that a busines is cheating/stealing, you need to ask and know, what the reason is.

        Also, yes you pay for our services.
        We develop scripts, make sure issues are handled quickly (unlike oneprovider that does not have 24/7 support and often answers tickets in 48hours)
        And we do not contact 3rd parties to solve problems or install sofware.
        We do that in house.

        We can even install new operating systems ourselves, while they need to contact the datacenter to do that for them.

        I hope the answer gives some insight on how things work

      • Jskyyk

        TuvixHosting am I missing something? Trying to find where I can open a ticket

      • CarlosFloresC

        AlejandraQuesada they have refund policy?

      • Because you never tested our services 😉

      • kinobeast

        Box4Seed seems interesting but somewhat not legit plus it requires to make a payment before requesting any other information from you. A bit more information on this website would be great. Thanks.

      • Box4Seed_
      • kinobeast

        Box4Seed_ kinobeast Sounds good, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the prompt response.

      • sport91

        Hi, I’m a newbie, so just a question here. I signed up for seedbox service at TUVIX Hosting, but it’s been 16 hours since payment and the service is still “pending”, and although they say they have 24 hour support nobody has answered my question of when the service was going to go through. So is this normal or have I been cheated?

      • sport91 Hello sport91

        During weekends, there is less staff, and it can take longer to reply to tickets then usual.
        Orders are processed as soon as possible, but all really depends when your order came in and how many others came before you.

        Meanwhile i have replied to your ticket, we will begin the setup within the hour

      • sport91

        TuvixHosting sport91
        Thank you. I may catch the last train to some quality seeding today yet. Seems unreasonable to worry about couple of hours in a 30 month service but I’m on a very competitive tracker and the first hours on a sunday are absolutely crucial. At other times I’ll be happy if I can use up 5% of your bandwidth.

      • sport91

        After a couple of days using Tuvix hosting, I can verify it is a reliable seedbox, speeds are more than I can use usually and there aren’t problems I could think of. Customer service is much faster on weekdays. I’m a first time user so I don’t know fine intricacies of seedboxes but it seems ok.

      • sport91 thnx for the comment.
        I need to stress, that during the weekends there is less staff because it is weekend 🙂
        But usually we reply within 6 hours during the weekends depending on the level of support needed.
        If it is like a box crashing, we are most likely allready working on the problem before we reply.

        During week days, we have about 8 people working during the day.

      • kinobeast

        Testing 3 shared fairly priced seedboxes picked up from here. 
        1. Dedi Seedbox – Decent speeds, instant set-up, responsive support. All smooth sailing so far.
        2. Box4Seed – As far as I understand this crew still hasn’t automated processes tying up their website with services they provide so everything very much so manual, so be ready to stay in touch with administration. So not many extra functions but 800gb of space for 15$ with decent speeds – speaks for itself. If you are familiar with whole seedbox system and do not require much of a help, it is certainly a good choice. At least so far (as I understand they just started that gig recently). 
        3. Tuvix – If you are looking for a plain comfort that would be your kind of services. Reliable, easy, good speeds, good support. Although not taking discount available here Tuvix is a bit more expensive than first two but I don’t see big down/up speed difference. Overall great seedbox. 

        I should say I’m rather satisfied with all three of them and will continue my subscription there. I don’t think I made anyone’s choice easier here but thought I’d share my personal experience. Cheers.

      • lslarry8

        AVOID http://ssdapp.com/client/aff.php?aff=198, I bought an account it only worked for 1 day and the speed was awful and I’m not kidding awful. I was able to download at 400kb!!! thats it. And all for that one day. I got an email back from them that they will change my server…. but never heard back again.

        http://ssdapp.com/client/aff.php?aff=198 is a FRAUD be aware!!!!

      • lslarry8

        seedbox It does not work at all!!! horrible service and speed!! No reply on emails or anything!

        Users please avoid!!!

      • lslarry8 what do you expect!
        No provider can deliver those services for those prices and expect people to enjoy good speeds.

      • lslarry8

        TuvixHosting lslarry8 I can offer you same thing for a cheaper price, But you will get NOTHING cause that’s what I’m getting! Do you want it!?

      • lslarry8 TuvixHosting nothing i got more then enough thank you 😉
        anything special you are looking for and price range/capacity?
        maybe i can help out

      • KarthikKarunakaran

        HDD : 20GB , Speed : 1 Gbps for $2, Seed Gear is Awesome , please add to the List

      • sport91

        Hi, I switched from Tuvix to Ultraseedbox and I would definitely reccomend Ultra to Tuvix. They’re cheaper and offer a bit more quality service, also a bit faster customer service. I decided to change because tuvix’ connection to rutorrent was getting broken a lot in my last week, and seemed to get broken when I need it most. Also, it’s much easier to time your subscription start since Ultra’s setup is instant, Tuvix needs a day or two.

      • sport91 i am pretty sure that we have instant setup lol
        rTorrent broken is not something anyone can help if it happens, you just need to restart the seedbox.
        you can ftp into the box to /home/user/rtorrent/session and delete the rtorrent.lock file and restart the seedbox. is all in the knowledgebase on our website.
        what you mean quality service? we answered all questions within a few hours, mostly within the hour.

      • sport91

        TuvixHosting sport91
        I am pretty sure that I waited for two days lol

        Restarting can help but not every time. It sometimes stays broken for some time. 
        Quality service means that I went +750 GB with them this first week, and still going strong on off days(wed, thu).  I had one peak of +500 with you the third week, but the first and last weeks were only +250.  I don’t know how that works but some boxes just do better than others. BTW a guy from Canada kills us all with his box and uploads twice as much as the next guy, every time. 
        You’re talking about another thing, which is customer service. Like I said they’re just a bit faster and much faster on weekends when I need it most. You’re fast on weekdays like I wrote previously.

      • ppmax

        I think its one of the best reference points for people who are searching for cheap seedboxes.

      • BotanicarCvijecar

        SSDAPP i realy shit, I have two seedoxes there, and every week is some problem and I most wait one week to solve my problem ther, so my vice are, get away from SSDAPP and by something another box

        • I think SSDAPP is best for people who are thinking of casual usage or just trying download with secure FTP.
          Rest I think I have communicated a lot to them but I think they have glitch servers but for the price I wont be complaining a lot either.


      • BotanicarCvijecar Hey I agree and as an admin I would like to let people know that with very minimilistic prices of seedboxes from SSDAPP people do run with some problem with support sometime but I think lowend seedboxes are more for recreational downloads rather than building great ratios

      • sport91 I think Tuvix seedboxes have fixed some of the issues that you have mentioned , but in anycase I can vouch for ultraseedbox as well

      • KarthikKarunakaran I would like to but the space is too low for any serious use.

      • sport91 TuvixHosting Companies are less staffed in the weekends that is normal.
        If you want to fix the rtorrent issue, ftp into your account and find the rtorrent folder in /home/user/rtorrent and delete the rtorrent.lock file
        then restart the seedbox and it is fixed.
        This works all the time 100%

        The problem with clients is that they expect ultimate speeds and results all the time, but are not willing to pay for it.
        If you need guaranteed speeds, you need to get a dedicated server.
        Shared seedboxes depend on the number of users per server and how busy some users are.
        We allow upto 15 users per server (2x Intel Xeon 3.6GHz, 64GB RAM) on the budget packages (5 per disk)

        We have dedicated servers starting just €9.95/month on 1Gbps unmetered.

        Next month just before X-mas we will be launching a brand new website as well

      • seedbox sport91 true, for what problems there were.
        As we didnt start with instant setup at first.
        Then again, that is never a guarantee as it depends on stock as well.

      • lalafouini

        Hi the best provider http://www.easy-tk.biz

      • grawl1

        TuvixHosting sport91

        I won’t be getting your seedbox. You’re way too arrogant.

      • keynesintorunu

        Tuvix hosting : I do not recommend. Because:
        Their dont refund system (there are all other provider)
        Long long time setup time. (my box 60 hours after setup complated) 
        Good download speed but very poor upload speed. (maybe it’s download box)
        Low hardware or crowded server. Same time doing laggy.

        My favorite server provaider: tal0ne or dediseedbox. it’s realy best speed or hardware.

      • keynesintorunu If you are going to make a review, at least be honest about it.
        5 minutes after your order we contacted you that you ordered a seedbox even when the webpage said that we suspended sales for the time being because we have a problem with the setupsystem.
        Instead of placing you on a crowded server as you state, i personally placed you on a server with 4 other users that usually have a professional box. (you even asked us about it)

        Besided that about the refund, you agreed to our terms of service, that states we do not refund on VPS and dedicated servers, which include seedboxes.
        Instead we have trial seedboxes for a week, you could have chosen that instead.
        It is the clients responsibility to find out about the refund policy at a company, before you purchase anything.
        It is not fair after all the service we provided, to come complain here.
        It is also not according to many other clients that commented on this article.
        Also, you did not complain about slow speeds at all, you just asked howmany users there are on the server, and i stated 5 in total.

        So to sum it up where the real problem lies:
        1. You ordered a seedbox even when the website stated that we have suspended sales
        2. You didnt ask anyone about a refund policy before you ordered,
        3. You agreed to the T.o.S
        4. You did not choose a trial seedbox for a week to test the product.

        I know it may not be fair to bash clients, but we feel it is not fair either, to come bashing a company, after all the service we provided and placing you on a server with much less users then normal.
        By the way, the server you are on is a VPS with 8GB RAM and 12 cores
        the master server is an 2x Intel Xeon (2CPU’s) with 32GB RAM and 16 cores on 1Gbps full duplex.
        You cannot expect great uploaders ALL the time when you have a shared box.
        You tested the box less then 8 hours and then come complain here in public instead of asking us for assistence.

        So i wish you goodluck at the other providers and a Merry X-mas

      • Underleechisnotworking

        I’ve been using underleech but the service stopped working for many people over a week ago and is still not functional. Little to no information available through support. Is there a service that matches underleechs capabilities that people could recommend from the list as being better than others. I’m not a heavy user and was satisfied with underleech until they simply stopped working.

      • Hey,
        If you are a moderate user then, ultraseedbox,tal0ne,dediseedbox, seedstuff,snthoatinhs all have good speeds, value for money and usability.
        I have personally used all of them.
        Hope that helps

      • Underleechisnotworking

        seedbox Thanks. Personally I’d like to stay with underleech but seeing you can not manage to even get a support response in under 3 days and then no estimate of when a service will be provided I guess there is no other option but to try some where else. Its disappointing. Thanks for your response will investigate those.

      • For the moment we are suspending all sales on shared seedboxes due to our setupsystem not working.
        Dedicated servers and dedicated seedboxes are available.
        We are planning to change all the packages anyway, without instant setups, but with more diskspace and more options to all seedbox packages.
        Check out our website starting Friday for brandnew website and packages…

      • Thianrouklian

        I have positive experience with http://www.meggafast.com

        Cheap and good value.

      • It is disturbing to see seedbox providers offering SSD on seedboxes while most of the times it is a false statement as we have come to learn.
        Please understand i am only trying to warn people about it, nothing else.
        But if a seedbox company is offering 100GB on SSD for 10 euro’s, it is not SSD.
        In those cases (most cases even for more expensive SSD servers) it is hybrid of HDD disks with SSD
        so you are getting HDD instead of SSD proberly.
        It is impossible to get a lot of diskspace for just a few euro’s/dollars as SSD is extremely expensive.

        It is a shame that so many providers do false advertisements.
        Also i need to say that providers like our collegues from seed.st  really offer SSD seedboxes, you can see that the way they are priced. (hats off for them)

        SSDAP also uses hybrid disks because nobody can offer it that cheap.
        This is probably the reason why so many people complain about it as the servers are probably oversold.
        Which isnt a problem on SSD but with hybrids it is horrible.

        Having said all this, check our website christmas day, we got some really nice SSD boxes coming up on the new website that will be launched the same day 🙂

        So, just a reminder to folks, please be carefull when you can get cheap ssd boxes, check if it is hybrid or real SSD.
        Most providers offer root, so you can do some testing on what kind of disk you are on.


      • Xplor3r
      • We are proud to announce that our new website is up and running.
        We added some incredible dedicated servers with SSD starting just €85.00/month on 1Gbps unmetered.
        Added new seedboxes, instant setups
        SSD seedboxes coming this week as soon as our new servers have arrived 🙂

        Please visit http://www.tuvixhosting.com to view all our new incredible prices.

        NEW TO COME!!! Intensive reseller program
        Keep an eye out on our website, as we will be launching an incredible reseller program later this week.


      • tanyax1 

        Hi, I hope you’re doing OK! Can you please point me towards any other Seedbox provider’s TOS and highlight the same bit?

      • tanyax1  It is standard to have that note in TOS and we would never send any confidential info to anyone. 

        If you need more help, please feel free to reply back. Cheers!

      • Cheap seedbox for lite user & beginner.
        Free private rapidleech with Rapidgator.net and Uploaded.net premium account.

      • re500bullet

        I was looking round for a cheap low user seedbox, not had one before, and I’ve been using seedbox.io for a couple of weeks now, Costs 5 Euros a month and gives you 200gb 100Mbit. Had no problems and has boosted my ratio and saved on electricity. Link here  https://seedbox.io/

      • BinhMinhBlue

        You can use Seedbox hosting of SSdapp. I’ve been using for a year and I feel very good quality.
        Sign up from this link: http://tinyurl.com/cheapseedboxhosting

        Their SeedBoxes come with unlimited bandwidth and upto 400GB of disk space, FTP and HTTP access with fully encrypted connection. Server located in France and USA.
        Price start from €5.99

      • Added to the list

      • BinhMinhBlue Its already on the list

      • Leechdrive Added to the list.

      • seedbox 

        Dear Mod, thanks for adding Leechdrive to the list.

        We have some promo for dedicated seedbox (those which state as 1 user/server).
        450GB HDD – 100Mbit/s plan – 20% off with “cheapseedboxes.com”
        1800GB HDD – premium 1Gbit/s – 10% off with “cheapseedboxes.com2”

        Thank you

      • weaselinger

        I have tested a seedbox from cheapseedboxes.com and just loved it. It’s VERY FAST for upload and download. The private tracker that I’m a member did a weekend freelech and I UPLOAD AROUND 400GB IN JUST 1 DAY. Beyond that the support of the site is just unbeatable, their live chat is really nice and helpful.
        I tested other seedbox from seedboxbay, it’s not bad, but cheapseedboxes are much better and worth it more.

      • Anel Ciplakovic

        The Support is easy to work with. He is a fair person and I had positive experience with him. It’s very fast upload and download. I recomend everybody to work with him. (Y)

      • Thanks for your comment, we strive to keep our support very fast and helpful.

      • Thanks I am glad your experience was positive with us

      • makcimka

        Great service and great support!
        Thank you!

      • olak329

        fast service, great responses. 1 day demo to test how great this is. i just test my 1 day demo for a file, and i just cant hold myself from subscribing to this great service and stop looking for other seedbox. save my electricity for sure because i normally 24/7 torrenting

      • olak329 Thanks for doing business with cheapseedboxes.com

      • AndrewRubio

        Amazing support guided me through the entire process. In addition, they answered and explained whatever questions I had and demonstrated a demo box so that I know what I am getting. Wonderful service overall and I’d highly recommend it to any newbie and senior torrenter!

      • AndrewRubio Thanks a lot for being a part of family  with Cheapseedboxes.com .

      • Jamesdee

        Terrific torrent and FTP download speeds, significantly faster than other companies that I have used. Additionally, the owner, Agni, is very passionate about his line of work. He has extensive knowledge in this field which he is happy to share in live chat. He will go out of his way to help people in need assistance. Quality service through and through.

        FYI: To max out your FTP download speeds you may want  to navigate to the FTP on your web browser and then download the files using a download manager such as IDM.

      • rizon69

        Excellent download and upload speeds. The customer service is first class. I got a chance to use the demo server and I was amazed by the speeds and simplicity of it.

        This site is surely a keeper as its very hard to find good customer service along with a good product these days.

        I could go on all day but all I can say is you should try them out for yourself! you will not be disappointed.

      • PrincessLewis

        excellent communication!!! A+++ I had many many questions due to the fact I don’t have any extensive computer skills and was not sure about anything to do with seedboxes but customer support was very knowledgeable and walked me through everything step by step, answered every question I could think of; made the process extremely easy to learn and understand. I really appreciate all the help and will definitely recommend this company to any and everyone. 100% satisfaction!

      • Thianrouklian

        Does anyone try Hive.im I just subscribed for their premium account. It is not so bad. I am weighing seedbox vs. Hive Any one has an experience with Hive. Kindly share.

      • Dear Cheapseedboxes readers,

        We have new (50+) stock for 100Mbit/s seedbox 100GB HDD 5 users / server for only $3/month (annual payment) or $5/month (monthly payment).

        Also new slot, 100Mbit/s seedbox 50GB HDD 5 users/server for only $2/month (annual payment) or $4/month (monthly payment).

        All in special offers page.

        Thank you for reading.

      • Sam3333

        I am brand new to the world of Seedboxes (have tried 2 of them). In the end I am sticking with cheapseedboxes because of the great service!!! Also, they are the cheapest service I found for all the storage I got. – Happy Customer

      • desialien

        hi everyone. admin is awesome, he help me in getting right seedbox for my need and very helpful. plus great information on this page and best price. if you need help in setup, contact admin and he will help you. thank you so much.

      • sigmaphi

        I ordered the seedbox JoySeed from wickedboxs this month alone I have uploaed 5TB alone for an 12€ seedbox thats not bad at al ! 

        its Evoswtich network best peering ever

      • BiswajeetBhoumik

        sigmaphi can i get that link and do u have ipt or vault or world.cd invites?

      • krazy_kh

        I was thinking of getting a shared slot with SEEDBOX SOLUTIONS, on the website they say that the traffic is unmetered, but in the above table I see that it says it is capped, so which is true ?

      • krazy_kh Hey we have confirmed the information and updated accordingly.

      • re500bullet

        I’ve been with seedbox.io a few months now and can’t fault these guys ! A mini slot will cost next to nothing and do all the work for you.  http://manage.ftwinc.net/aff.php?aff=067

      • noswebin

        Seedbox.io speed only coming 1 mb download

      • noswebin Try using private trackers I guess you might be trying a public tracker and the udp is banned.

      • start

        I’m using a  from Seedbox VPS seedvps.com and it is amazing

      • les9900

        my first time with a seed box tech support helped me all the way tim was very helpful . i will stay with these guys just for that .

      • david08

        J’utilise une ”SeedBox” depuis seulement 3 mois et je peux dire que le service est excellent. Tim est toujours disponible pour nous aider si nous avons des problèmes. S’il n’est pas alors on lui laisse un message et il ne répond dans les plus bref délais. 
        Je recommande ce site sans hésitation.I use a ‘ seedbox ‘ ‘ for only three months and I can say that the service is excellent. Tim was always there to help us if we have problems . If it is not then allowed him a message and he replied in the shortest time.
        I recommend this site without hesitation.

      • sirthomasdavis

        Just set up a 1Gbit/s 100GB seedbox with Leechdrive and so far it’s working great.  I signed up for just one month to try it out but will probably renew for the year to save more money.  This is my second box, the first was with Pulsedmedia for about 3 days and after several attempts I couldn’t connect to it with Filezilla or two other programs downloaded directly from their site and following their instructions exactly from multiple computers.  With Leechdrive I signed up, got an immediate email with instructions (pretty much the same setup as Pulsedmedia), and within a minute or two I was setup and running on the first try and haven’t had a problem yet on any of my computers.  I wouldn’t bother writing a review at all if it weren’t for the rude and ridiculous service from Pulsedmedia.  Copy and pasting the same instructions from your site that didn’t work the last ten times isn’t good tech service and getting snarky isn’t going to make it start working plus it’s bad customer service.  After a detailed paragraph about what programs weren’t working, what I already tried, and what error I was getting (access denied), I got this:
        “Tested – no issues what so ever.  All you needed to do was follow instructions to the letter OR provide error messages.”This doesn’t work” doesn’t tell anything about the issue”
        It’s funny and sad that he disregarded everything I wrote about the problem and his “This doesn’t work” quote doesn’t even appear in the message I wrote about the issue.

      • sirthomasdavis Hey Thanks a lot  for the Review Thomas , I can feel the situation but I am glad your review will mak ea very helpful guideline for people who are getting a new seedbox.

        Much Appreciated.

      • LouisNavarro


        Hi, i bought a seedbox from this company too.
        Only my webgui of
        utorrent works (Now it’s down for about 48 hrs.), but don`t work the
        ftp, even the remote client of utorrent dont’t work, no help too…
        I tried to contact them but no reply.
        Plz be aware from this company , ssdap.com!! They stole your money….

      • LouisNavarro

        SSDAP.COM don’t should be in this list! His service is so bad, don’t work ftp, remote client utorrent too, the http page don’t work, No help for users, servers down for long time!

        Plz be aware from this company , ssdap.com!! They stole your money.

      • ImmanuelCo

        I signed up with cheapseedboxes not too long ago. I am a newbie at this but Tim was able to immediately guide me throughout the process. It took a little longer to setup but it was not as daunting after because Tim just went above and beyond to help me  out with all my questions. This was last week. 

        Today, I had a problem with some particular files downloading to the rutorrent  and Tim went to work right away and figured out what the issue that was causing the error. He also suggested some other alternative solutions to my problem which nowadays is an unheard of. Many tech support just try to get rid of you as soon as they find a solution. Overall, I was impress with the response time and customer service. Any new Seedbox users out there, this is definitely where you can get the most out of your experience. It is like a Disney of seedbox. You are definitely getting the experience you pay for.

      • Great seedboxes at http://www.flameboxes.com.  1Gbps, unlimited traffic starting at £14.99 pm.

      • Good Speed, Best Support https://seedbones.com/ public and private seedbox – Unlimited Traffic and 1Gbps.

      • http://www.flameboxes.com  now offering £1 trial for 3 Days on ANY seedbox plan.  Unlimited 1Gbps fantastic seedboxes, instant setup!

      • Sara92

        Meggafast is a very poor service, and theyr costumer care is horrible. Dont waste your money with them.

      • Sara92 Sorry to hear about your bad experience with that provider.
        The problem is that everyone thinks they can start selling seedboxes not knowing what theyre doing.
        If you want, i can offer you 1 week free seedbox Ultimate 350
        Check this page and order it. Then open a ticket and let us know you’re from here, then i will set the due date to a week later 😉


      • al3cs

        i try just now http://www.flameboxes.com…i see 50mb/s download and 40ms/s upload same time with one torrent in client .CPU 95-98%…and feezing when you try to add more torrents.
        now my client doesn’t respond,i waiting for restart.

      • al3cs what was the size of your torrent?

      • al3cs

        https://www.kyneticweb.com/  have a very good services!
        i have 2 package ….good speed an very stable!
        see next image :


      • al3cs It seems like its a disc I/O issue the HDD cant handle such transfers, contact the support there they should restart your seedbox , but if you are planning to download 20 Gb + torrents I would recommend you to go for some stable providers.

      • al3cs
      • al3cs

        seedbox al3cs 

        Thanks for your support request however you have cancelled your
        subscription immediately after you signed up. The terms of the trial are
        you must keep an active subscription.  Once you’ve cancelled your box
        will be throttled.
        The £1 box is not a box for £1 it is a trial and he anticipation is you will continue or cancel after the three days.

      • LouisNavarro

        ssdappcom, BE CAREFUL WITH THEM!!

      • LouisNavarro Hi, we have had too many complaints with them, could you explain more what your bad experience was , This would help other users make the right decision.

      • LouisNavarro

        seedbox LouisNavarro The service are down like 80% times, In 1 month I saw online the seedbox like a 1 week… ftp don’t work… the page don’t have any option for don’t renew pays, but the renew is automatic, then they’re charge the pay for a 2th month without my autorizathion.

      • LouisNavarro

        seedbox LouisNavarro And very very slow speed.

      • Leox91

        Stay away from SeedBoxBay. I’veOpened a Baby account to try, after a day HTTP access went down, opened 2 ticket and I got no answers from them. I’ll try to get a refound. DO NOT USE THEM.

      • adseedmin

        Leox91 I recommend seedbones, new business, good servers, good speed and best support. we offer support for Skype (SeedBones) and tickets 24 hours every day.

      • Leox91

        adseedmin You’re not so cheap but I think this is because you’re more professional than others. I’ll consider your suggestion. Do you have any promo code?

      • pmmasbas

        Leech Drive is the best seedbox site that already used . Good speed , stability on the server and fair price. Very good! Congratulations to site staff . https://www.leechdrive.com/special

      • NicoleSymington

        I have breathed a sigh of relief now I’m not with Seedboxbay. Seedboxbay crashed continuously, locked me out of my box, mistakenly limited my storage space, took days to respond to queries. All emails to the company end up as tickets so if no-one is responding there is nothing you can do. There is no direct line to the company. Also without notification they changed their payment options so I was unable to pay for the box. As a result I lost the files left in the box. 

        NOT a good service. There are plenty of other cheap seedboxes. Life is to short for this one.

      • NicoleSymington Thanks for the review

      • Shady1985

        Evoseedbox.com: I have setup a seedbox with these guys, not a problem, speeds a very quick, and to be honest, service has been well above and beyond what you would expect. perfect online support and communication. Recommend this service 110%!!!!

        • Thanks for the review

      • stephcherry1983

        kyneticweb is so far the BEST SEEDBOX i have ever used. i used seedboxbay and got ripped off and used a few others. but right as i was about to give up i tried kyneticweb. the staff is AMAZING! the seedbox is AMAZING! overall kyneticweb is the place to go! 10/10

      • CannadayMark TuvixHosting Sara92  Excuse me but if you are making statements, please make sure you tell the truth. 
        It is not our fault that your provider (Time Warner) doesnt let out emails through.
        What i said is that in the end, it is the clients responsibilty to be able to receive our emails.

        about DNS, this is entirely on your side as we have tested the url to your box and it works 100% including ruTorrent.
        In the clientarea there is BIG announcement that states that users on WIndows 10 using firefox, may experience issues because of the new policies of firefox.
        We specifically state that we advise to use Edge or Chrome.
        About the refund, you opened a claim at paypal, so i said, remove the claim because i need to refund using the billingsystem and i am unable to.

        Now the first time you opened a ticket you started yelling and screaming like a baby.
        You screamed we are bad business that we didnt send you email blablabla, but in fact we send you email 24hours before that.

        Now you come crying here while at the same time you reply to our ticket.
        Buddy let me be clear, you as a client are responsible to receive emails from companies you signup with.
        If you signup you get bunch of emails which is normal, so why the hell didnt you come to us right away?

        We are a fair, honest and professional company, but we do not tollerate people badmouthing us on any forum while we have done nothing wrong.

        So i say again, get rid of the claim so i can refund your damn money, and meanwhile i will contact collegues to keep an eye out for you as nobody wants a client screaming and yelling for no reason.

        Thank you

      • CannadayMark

        TuvixHosting CannadayMark Sara92 I think everyone here can draw their own conclusion about who is screaming and cursing like a baby. 

        FTR: I use Chrome and windows 7 …not that you ever asked me.  You were too busy making excuses as to why you would not give me a refund.  It was AFTER that I sent you a refund request through Paypal.  I never opened a “claim”.   Paypal will not let you make a claim until you have attempted to resolve it with the seller.  

        In all fairness I’m please that you finally did issue a refund.  However I wish you would have done that before it came to this.

      • Sara92

        TuvixHosting CannadayMark Sara92 Oh still with that? I get a new seedbox 3 months, i had again 2 months payed with ur but i only quit of use that. Your service is very poor and ridicle. You still have my money, i dont want it back, u can keep, no need ur alms. Im very happy with my new seedbox, them treat me as a custumer and not as a clown to bully and ridicule. As u did. So bye bye and good luck. Is your service is poo as u can see on google that im not the only one that had problems with you … is not my fault. Maybe you should give more attention to your custumer care and to those who work there. Bye bye. And im not screaming, who care about your useless seedbox, there are 100000000. I only told my bad experience with you, that I still subscribe in full as one of the worst.

      • Sara92 TuvixHosting CannadayMark i think you’re mistaking because i gave you free seedbox because of your issues with another provider. i dont recall issues with you at all. and about reviews, if you google our reviews, you find a lot of good ones, and i can’t find more then 2 not so good.

      • Sara92

        TuvixHosting Sara92 CannadayMark ah sorry i thought u was of meggafast 🙂 anyway im ok now with seedbox 🙂 thx.

      • Sara92 TuvixHosting CannadayMark  haha another satisfied customer 😉

      • Dave Dunthorn

        I just purchased a Cheap Seedbox, and I must say it was a pleasant experience, 15 mins. and I was up and running, and the staff is very helpful, and they seem to be there all the time My old box I had to summit a ticket and wait.. Can’t go wrong with Cheap Seedboxs

      • Motivation factory

        seedhost.eu been with them for more than a year and love the service fair prices! + free vpn + free proxy + free media streaming and more!

        didnt pay for 1 month now, and i said let me check another ones in the market maybe ill try something else,

        but after seeing all these reviews i decided to go back with their great service! why switching if i am happy with them?


      • gerald2255

        I would like to use vpn for myself I am totally new internet user. Don’t know what should I use. I randomly searched and found the following site as a vpn comparison review sitehttp://www.vpncomparison.org/vs/goldenfrog.com+hidemyass.com Is this site helpful for new users. I would like to know your feedback and opinion. Thanks!!!

      • luizzp

        I’m trying to buy the FR- 200GB Plan swizards , but is always out of stock.I think I’ll look for another site , someone can give me some suggestions ?

      • luizzp Hi buddy, please tell me what are you looking for and what is you budget.
        I am sure i can arrange something to your satisfaction

        Like to hear from you

        Tuvix Hosting

      • Turhis

        Evoseedbox Blitz, I have used it for few months and yesterday first time i run
        out of bw. 
        I joined customer service chat and asked to get some more for
        free (cause im bit short on money atm). Nice dude “Tim” added 2tb for free and asked just to give feedback of their service. I m
        very satisfied and i will recommend this seedbox Blitz pack service for all
        who dont need big box but small and reliable with great customer
        It has been great journey and i know i will be long time customer.

      • benwesting

        Evo seedbox has been excellent for me so far. Friendly and helpful advice and great service at a good price. Highly recommend!

      • TrevoulinGovender

        I think EvoSeed is the best seedbox anyone can ever get, It is better than Zbigz, Boxopus or any other site I have used. Fast, Efficient and the customer support is immediate and on point. 100% Will recommend EVO SEEDBOX! THE BEST!

      • Anouthen

        I recommend using Evo Seedbox for your seedbox needs. Support is quick, friendly and very helpful. The box itself runs great, no issues with speed or space. Finally, the price is definitely right.

      • 3030150

        hey guys check out http://www.torrentswift.com I would highly recommend these guys

      • David Ferrandino

        Here is a detailed video about seedboxes ,vpn and torrenting


        • Tim Michels

          Thanks David we are in a process of building complete video tutorials for seedboxes as well which would go live soon , keep updated .

          • David Ferrandino

            Cool keep in touch